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  • Released:
    10 May 2011 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    Loads of game-trailers come out every day, and it's about time someone talked guff over them. Now is that time. Simon and Lewis (The Yogscast) provide commentary over video game trailers.
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Episode Guide For YogTrailers

Tink   11/3/2012   Season 3 Episode 74: Tink A lovely kid's game :/ view more on
Primal Carnage   11/3/2012   Season 3 Episode 73: Primal Carnage DINOSAURS! RAAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DINOSAURS!!!! view more on
Elsword   11/3/2012   Season 3 Episode 72: Elsword Youtube suggested the tag 'Transformers' for this. It is somewhat apt. view more on
SolaRola   10/28/2012   Season 3 Episode 71: SolaRola I don't think I'm any wiser to what this game is after watching this! view more on
Rusty Hearts: Reborn   10/28/2012   Season 3 Episode 70: Rusty Hearts: Reborn Oh, sodding glaives and twin swords. view more on
Plants vs Zombies Talking Zombatar   10/28/2012   Season 3 Episode 69: Plants vs Zombies Talking Zombatar Oh, this is just WEIRD. view more on
Scania Truck Driving Simulator   10/25/2012   Season 3 Episode 68: Scania Truck Driving Simulator The best part of this trailer was the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman! view more on
Pirate Smash   10/25/2012   Season 3 Episode 67: Pirate Smash You can never have enough pirate games! view more on
Tiny Owls   10/6/2012   Season 3 Episode 66: Tiny Owls More owlssssss yay! view more on
Owls   10/6/2012   Season 3 Episode 65: Owls Today it's an owl bonanza of Yogtrailers! :D view more on
Gangster Granny   9/27/2012   Season 3 Episode 64: Gangster Granny Why do all old ladies end up sounding like the Queen? view more on
Combat Arms   9/27/2012   Season 3 Episode 63: Combat Arms That assassin's outfit looks remarkably familiar! view more on
Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time   9/20/2012   Season 3 Episode 62: Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time Once again, Yogtrailers are current and new! view more on
Candle Route   9/20/2012   Season 3 Episode 61: Candle Route It's back, more Yogtrailers! This time it's about some weird candle thing. Bums. view more on
Teething   8/7/2012   Season 3 Episode 60: Teething GOINS! view more on
Wizorb   8/1/2012   Season 3 Episode 59: Wizorb The confusion that happens around 1.30 is amazing (he didn't have a go at it 'this afternoon'). view more on
Sudden Attack: Hostage Mode   8/1/2012   Season 3 Episode 58: Sudden Attack: Hostage Mode "POISON GAAAAS!" Pfft, she's whining over nothing, I've lived with Simon. view more on
Wii Fit U   7/29/2012   Season 3 Episode 57: Wii Fit U I don't think totalling calories together is how weight loss works... view more on
Frogger: Pinball   7/29/2012   Season 3 Episode 56: Frogger: Pinball Yup, Duncan is deadly with his helicopter! view more on
Wild Surf   7/24/2012   Season 3 Episode 55: Wild Surf Cool dude... view more on
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