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Episode Guide For When Ninjas Attack

Episode 6   7/29/2009   Episode 6: Episode 6 Bent on revenge, Mindy learns ninja skills of her own from the sensei and tries to win back the scroll with a surprise street attack on Vanessa. view more on
Episode 5   7/20/2009   Episode 5: Episode 5 After receiving rigorous training from the sensei, Vanessa attempts to steal the scroll from Mindy while shes at her salon appointment. view more on
Episode 4   7/15/2009   Episode 4: Episode 4 When Mindy and Vanessa both set eyes on the same perfect dress, Vanessa calls on When Ninjas Attack to help decide who the rightful owner is. After winning the dragon board challenge in Ninja City, Mindy makes Vanessa attack first. view more on
Episode 3   6/2/2009   Episode 3: Episode 3 Beaten by Sal, Bert also consults with their sensei and attempts to exact his revenge on Sal at work. view more on
Episode 2   6/2/2009   Episode 2: Episode 2 Sal uses the ninja skills learned from his sensei to attack Bert at his favorite pizza place. view more on
Episode 1   6/2/2009   Episode 1: Episode 1 When Bert steals Sal's girl (again), Sal calls on When Ninjas Attack: Conflict Resolution Specialists to resolve their conflict. view more on

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