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  • Released:
    15 September 2011 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    From the executive producers of The Vampire Diaries comes a new series about a girl who must choose between the boy she loves and the boy of her dreams.
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Episode Guide For Wendy

Ep 6 -- Finale -- Catch Me   10/4/2011   Episode 6: Ep 6 -- Finale -- Catch Me WENDY Chapter 6: "Catch Me" Description: Wendy knows she has to believe to be with Pete, but her brothers' disappearance has left her too afraid to try. Following Pete means saying goodbye to Jackson and Fawn forever—but staying... view more on
Ep 5 -- Crushed   9/29/2011   Episode 5: Ep 5 -- Crushed WENDY Chapter 5: "Crushed" Description: Amid the music and lights of Jackson's epic party, all Wendy can think about is Pete. She knows he'll come for her, and being around him will make everything feel right again. As the ... view more on
Ep 4 -- To Believe   9/27/2011   Episode 4: Ep 4 -- To Believe WENDY Chapter 4: "To Believe" Description: As the anniversary of her brothers' disappearance approaches, Wendy slips away to see more of Pete. Walking the deserted passageways and gardens, Wendy is comforted by the mystery and magi... view more on
Ep 3 -- Follow Me   9/22/2011   Episode 3: Ep 3 -- Follow Me WENDY Chapter 3: "Follow Me" Description: There is something about Pete that Wendy can't resist. When she's with him, the world is more vibrant and alive—a feeling that her boyfriend Jackson can't duplicate. In Chapter Three of WE... view more on
Ep 2 -- Darkness and Light   9/20/2011   Episode 2: Ep 2 -- Darkness and Light WENDY Chapter 2: "Darkness and Light" Description: A boy singing in an empty pool? A mansion filled with fire-waving revelers? It must have been a dream—but when Pete's song lures Wendy back to an abandoned house the line between f... view more on
Ep 1 - In a Dream   9/15/2011   Episode 1: Ep 1 - In a Dream WENDY Chapter 1: "In a Dream" Description: Wendy hears Pete call to her long before she sees him. He's the boy of her dreams, but he's more real than anyone she's ever known. Chapter One of WENDY marks the magical beginning ... view more on

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