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Viva Piñata

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  • Released:
    9 September 2006 (USA)
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    Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of Viva Piñata! Here on the colorful and picturesque Isle de Piñata, or Piñata Island as normal people call it, all manner of colorful, candy-filled piñatas live, dance, and grow. Their fondest wish: to entertain at a birthday party as only Piñatas can! Well, that's the fondest wish of most piñatas... PARTY TIME! From the honey-happy buzzlegum to the fire-breathing dragonache, the gardens of Piñata Island are teeming with every kind of piñata you can imagine, and several that you can't! They spend their days eating treats and living the sweet life. Once they reach MAXIMUM CANDIOSITY they report to Piñata Central where they are sent off to delight party-lovers everywhere in the traditional piñata way - by allowing themselves to be bashed open by bat-wielding revelers! Then the busted open piñata heads back to Piñata Island to do it all over again! Ah, and fun. [+]more
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Episode Guide For Viva Piñata

Too Many Fergys   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 16: Too Many Fergys A time machine sends Fergy back a day where he has adventures with his day earlier self. More trips through the machine soon create a huge horde of Fergys. The first Fergy decides to put a stop to it. Can he? view more on
Mr. Unbustable   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 15: Mr. Unbustable Fergy becomes a body builder to get out of parties. If he bulks up - becoming impossible to bust open - Pinata Central won't want to send him anywhere. But his plan backfires when the Factory dubs him Mr. Unbustable view more on
She Stomps at Night   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 14: She Stomps at Night Professor Pester hires a daredevil TAFFLY (fly) to capture Ella. By crawlilng into her ear while she's asleep and directing her with HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS, the Taffly commands Ella to go stampeding through the garden toward Pester's trap. view more on
The Antlers are Blowin' in the Wind   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 13: The Antlers are Blowin' in the Wind Fergy schedules a meeting with the fruitiest of fruit bowls, the Big Boss himself. But when Fergy fears his complaints are going unanswered, he pounds on the boss' desk in exasperation! view more on
Les the Jet Setter   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 12: Les the Jet Setter Les invents a jet pack that gets into the hands of Fergy. Fergy uses the jet pack to fly out of the Cannonatta, hide, and pretend he's gone to a party. But Fergy's jetpack flights have created UFO hysteria on the island. view more on
Sumo Tsunami   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 11: Sumo Tsunami Fergy becomes a Sumo Wrestler - for the food! He plans to get booted from the team before having to compete. But Langston also has a plan: to blast Fergy to a party the moment he leaves the team! view more on
Recipe for Disaster   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 10: Recipe for Disaster Extreme Cooking comes to Pinata Island: a heart-pounding competition that combines cooking finesse with survivor skills. Paulie and Fergy enter as a team, hoping to win the Grand Prize: a lifetime supply of candy. view more on
Fudge Match   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 9: Fudge Match Flex Fudgehog comes to the garden to participate in the Pinatathon Road Race. Brave and accomplished, Flex soon wins over Fergy's friends. view more on
Crimes of Passion Fruit   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 8: Crimes of Passion Fruit Party-Refuseniks Fergy and Paulie find Machi Moojoo(moose), a kindred soul. The three evade the Cannonata together, but when a storm threatens the other pinatas, Machi leads them on a high-risk rescue right into the heart of Pinata Central! view more on
Pester the Pinata   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 7: Pester the Pinata In yet another attempted candy kidnapping, Pester bumps his head and suddenly thinks he's a pinata. Paulie realizes this is their chance to get rid of Pester once and for all. view more on
The Fudgetive   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 6: The Fudgetive Faced with the prospect of attending the Big Little League Luau - and being whacked by an endless stream of bratty batters - Fergy decides to stage his own abduction and blame it on Pester. view more on
Langston's Jameleon Cousins   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 5: Langston's Jameleon Cousins Langston's croaking with fear when his three jameleon cousins pay him a surprise visit because they're mischievous pranksters. What's worse, they are practically invisible thanks to their camouflage abilities. view more on
Slayin' em at the Sands   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 4: Slayin' em at the Sands Paulie's laugh-happy pieena (hyena) cousins are captured by Professor Pester, leaving only the morose Prescott Pieena, and Fergy and Paulie, to save them. Can the trio rescue the other pieenas before Pester makes them literally split their sides laughing? view more on
Hudson's Holiday   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 3: Hudson's Holiday Hudson is so overworked that he develops a wacky, stress-driven facial twitch that threatens to ruin his career. His agent Simone drops him on a deserted island to relax, but Hudson still can't stop entertaining and the twitch gets worse. view more on
A Terrible Tribute   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 2: A Terrible Tribute Hudson is placed on a show called "This Here's Your Life", where he is met by different Piñatas from his past. view more on
Hudson Tells All   3/3/2011   Season 2 Episode 1: Hudson Tells All When Hudson records catch-phrases for a new Hudson Speak-a-Doll, he simultaneously argues with the Sweetooth Construction Team that built a dam in his pool. His heated words get recorded as well, and when the doll comes out it tells everyone off! view more on
Hudson on Hudson   3/3/2011   Episode 22: Hudson on Hudson When Hudson puts on a show with a miniature puppet of himself as the co-star, the two share their favorite moments in a trip down memory lane. But as the show goes on the egos swell - is there enough room in the spotlight for two showboating Hudsons? view more on
Snail's Pace   3/3/2011   Episode 21: Snail's Pace Fergy and the gang have made it to the Finals of the Pinata Island Soccer tournament - despite having Shirley Shelleybelly (snail) on their team. But when a gang of thuggish fans kidnaps the opposing team and takes their place, it looks like certain doom view more on
My Sweet Sours   3/3/2011   Episode 20: My Sweet Sours Professor Pester recalls when he first created the Sours and began his scheming ways. view more on
My Pal Langston   3/3/2011   Episode 19: My Pal Langston Fergy's tired of hiding from Langston to keep from being sent to parties. So Paulie and he devise a plan to get Langston to become Fergy's best friend - because friends don't make friends party if they don't want to! view more on
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