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Trailer Trash

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  • Released:
    7 March 2011 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    Billybob, Cooter, Lite Beer, Peggy Sue and the rest of the gang like to sit in their living room (their front lawn) and watch TV. Unfortunately for them, they usually end up on some crazy adventure that either ends in a plume of flames or a sea of machine gun fire. Fortunately for us, it's hilarious. [+]more
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Episode Guide For Trailer Trash

Silence of the Lambs (Episode 10)   8/10/2011   Episode 10: Silence of the Lambs (Episode 10) After watching a classic, Billy Bob and Cooter decide to capture the real life star by inviting him to a banquet in his honor. view more on
Shawshank Redemption (Episode 9)   8/3/2011   Episode 9: Shawshank Redemption (Episode 9) After watching a movie about prison break, Cooter and Billy Bob create a competition to determine who is the better escape artist. view more on
Transporter (Episode 8)   7/27/2011   Episode 8: Transporter (Episode 8) After watching a movie, Billy Bob reminisces about his hot rodding skills and decides to see if he's still got it. view more on
Narc (Episode 7)   7/20/2011   Episode 7: Narc (Episode 7) After watching a movie that involves illegal substances, Billy Bob, Cooter, and Lite Beer decide to do some experimenting of their own. view more on
Cast Away (Episode 6)   7/14/2011   Episode 6: Cast Away (Episode 6) After watching a movie, Billy Bob gets starved and sends Cooter out for some "fast" food. view more on
Leprechaun (Episode 5)   7/6/2011   Episode 5: Leprechaun (Episode 5) After watching a movie, Cooter and Billy Bob become convinced that they have a Leprechaun for a neighbor and go investigate in their own special way. view more on
Warriors (Episode 4)   6/29/2011   Episode 4: Warriors (Episode 4) After watching a movie, Cooter and Billy Bob decide to start a gang caled....The Skidmarks! view more on
Pimp (Episode 3)   6/22/2011   Episode 3: Pimp (Episode 3) After watching a blaxsploitation film, Cooter tries a new line of work. He picks Peggy Sue as his first "employee." view more on
Disturbia (Episode 2)   6/15/2011   Episode 2: Disturbia (Episode 2) Cooter, Lite Beer, and Billy Bob decide to spy on their neighbors and discover some unsavory activity in a nearby trailer. Billy Bob decides they need to make things "right." view more on
Face/Off (Episode 1)   6/8/2011   Episode 1: Face/Off (Episode 1) Cooter and Billy Bob make an attempt at a special surgery that will allow them to take advantage of each other's identity. view more on

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