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    21 May 2009 (USA)
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    National Champion, World Cup Winner, Downhill World Champion -- there isn't much that Gee, Dan and Rachel Atherton haven't accomplished on a mountain bike. These three siblings from the UK are in no way, shape, or form your "average family". "The Atherton Project" web series brings us all their professional and personal dramas, as well as providing an insight into the mountain bike world like no other. Enjoy! [+]more
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Episode Guide For The Atherton Project

Backyard Buildup   10/6/2011   Season 3 Episode 10: Backyard Buildup The last episode in the current series of the Atherton Project, sees the guys head back to home turf to host Red Bull Weekend Warriors, a weekend which allows fans to come and hang out with the trio and do some downhill biking with them. Its also a good chance for the family to reflect on the season that has been. view more on
The last round of the UCI World Cup   9/23/2011   Season 3 Episode 9: The last round of the UCI World Cup Episode 9 of The Atherton Project begins in Val Di Sol for the last round of the World Cup. It's been a tough season, and the championship is not at the front of the team's mind, more just finishing with a good result on the day - especially on such a punishing track as this one. We also catch up with Dan, who's preparing for... view more on
Bogged Down   9/8/2011   Season 3 Episode 8: Bogged Down Episode 8 of The Atherton Project begins with the team heading out on enduro bikes with 7-time Paris-Dakar rider Mick Extance -- and getting stuck in some North Wales mud, quite literally. Then it's on to World Cup Round 6 at La Bresse in France, and legendary bike designer Max Commencal pays the team a visit and lends some wo... view more on
Downhill Fun   8/25/2011   Season 3 Episode 7: Downhill Fun Gee and Dan judge the Miss Trail Bunny bikini contest in Whistler and the mechanics have to show their merit and attempt a terrifying backflip but before that, it's strictly business as the Atherton's try and grab some points and continue with round five of the World Cup in Windham. view more on
MTB Racing, Fireworks, and Waverunners   8/12/2011   Season 3 Episode 6: MTB Racing, Fireworks, and Waverunners Episode 6 of the Atherton Project kicks off at Mont St. Anne in Canada -- one of the hardest, longest and oldest tracks on the circuit, and the team could us the good points to help with the title chase. Then it's on to Windham in New York for the 4th July and the next round of the World Cup -- not before taking part in some ... view more on
Eat, Sleep, Ride   8/1/2011   Season 3 Episode 5: Eat, Sleep, Ride Episode 5 of The Atherton Project begins with the team traveling to the mountain town of Sauze D'Oulx for a week of free riding before the next World Cup race. It's a place where all there is to do is eat, sleep and ride -- perfect to hone skills and switch off the rigors of the World Cup, at least temporarily. The team also re... view more on
Bikes and stunt planes - ep4   7/15/2011   Season 3 Episode 4: Bikes and stunt planes - ep4 Gee and Rachel fight it out at the top of the standings while Dan is getting used to the fast world cup speeds. Next, they check out Hangar 7 in Salzburg for a stomach churning flight in the Flying Bull stunt plane. view more on
Inspired Biking with MacAskill   6/30/2011   Season 3 Episode 3: Inspired Biking with MacAskill Dan is back in action as he takes a roll through their home town of Llanhaeadr, UK with trials rider Danny MacAskill. The relaxing times allow Dan to get comfortable back on his bike as he reflects on his injury and lessons learned. The Athertons then head off to the world cup in Fort William for one of the largest downhill mo... view more on
Dan Returns   6/16/2011   Season 3 Episode 2: Dan Returns We get into the swing of things as Dan hits his first race back after some time off the saddle. Gee handles his first competition after world champ gitters and manages to place on the podium. In this episode we also see cows, fireworks, and the always entertaining Polish Pete. view more on
Full Speed Ahead   6/3/2011   Season 3 Episode 1: Full Speed Ahead Season 3 of the Atherton Project breaks through with a new season full of adventure on and off the saddle. To start the pre-season fun off, Gee, Rachael, and Dan go bungee jumping off one of the tallest bridges with their new team mechanic, Polish Pete. Then it's off to rent some scooters for a couple of hours of outdoor rogue... view more on
On a Rampage - Season finale   10/19/2010   Season 2 Episode 12: On a Rampage - Season finale The season finale of The Atherton Project sees Gee, with his World Cup win under his belt, heading to Utah for the mother of all freeride events: Red Bull Rampage. On the road, Gee and the team stop off at a gun range to let off some steam, and a few AK-47 rounds... Then it's on to Red Bull Rampage. The week involves intense he... view more on
Back in the Saddle   10/7/2010   Season 2 Episode 11: Back in the Saddle The Atherton Project kicks off with an encouraging message from the injured Dan. Meanwhile, Rachel and Gee are in Windham, USA for the the final World Cup of the season and Rachel is nervous about her return to downhill following a shoulder injury. Gee isn't in the best of health either with a chest infection as he prepar... view more on
Getting The Band Back Together   9/24/2010   Season 2 Episode 10: Getting The Band Back Together Gee reflects on his season so far. With it all hanging on the line at the last World Cup race, he's really feeling the pressure to perform. Until then it's off to Crankworx in Whistler, a welcome break from the pressure and stress of the World Cup -- still racing hard, but having a bit of fun with it. Rachel is back on the bike... view more on
Viva Italia   9/8/2010   Season 2 Episode 9: Viva Italia This episode kicks off in Val Di Sole, Italy, for World Cup Round 5. It's a race Gee could do with winning if he's going to take the pressure off his title fight with Greg Minaar. After some light-hearted gym training with the team, it's on to the course. Gee qualifies solidly, with a win being the only thing on his mind. Can he... view more on
Last Man Standing   8/24/2010   Season 2 Episode 8: Last Man Standing Red Bull's online reality TV series 'The Atherton Project' is a fly-on-the-wall show tracking the exploits of the most famous family in mountain bike history. Follow British riders Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton as they compete in events around the world in the 2010 season. The man behind the camera is legendary mountain bike fil... view more on
Back Breaker   8/10/2010   Season 2 Episode 7: Back Breaker Episode 7 starts back at the Athertons' home in Wales. The family have their own trails behind the house which they train on whenever they're back home, and Dan and Gee hit the jumps. Testing out a new line, suddenly, Dan disappears behind a jump for a lot longer than seems normal, and Gee and Clay rush to investigate, to find ... view more on
Crash Course   7/28/2010   Season 2 Episode 6: Crash Course Episode 6 of The Atherton Project starts with some mid season wheelbarrow atv fun to loosen the nerves back home in Wales. It's strictly business from there as they compete in Leogang, Austria for round four of the World Cup, with the Atherton's still on a high from Fort William. See more of the Atherton's at http://RedBull... view more on
Open Season   7/9/2010   Season 2 Episode 5: Open Season Episode 5 of The Atherton Project kicks off in Vernon, New Jersey for the US Open. It's a constantly-changing, notoriously challenging track, and pushes the riders to their very limits. Off-track, Gee shares his slightly dubious American cable TV picks. Then it's on to Fort William in Scotland for Round 3 of the UCI World Cup. ... view more on
Assaulting Adversity   6/22/2010   Season 2 Episode 4: Assaulting Adversity Then it's on to Maribor, Slovenia for Round 1 of the Downhill World Cup. Disaster strikes for Rachel as she breaks her finger in training, but this seems to make her even more determined. As the rain slows the course down, will she attempt the impossible and get herself on that podium? Catch up with the fastest family on two w... view more on
Season 2 Ep. 3   6/10/2010   Season 2 Episode 3: Season 2 Ep. 3 Episode 3 of The Atherton Project sees the whole crew gearing up for the first UK National of the year in Rheola, South Wales. It's Rachel's first proper race back on the bike, and having her competing again raises the spirits of the whole team, but will this positive energy result in podium places? Then it's on to Monterey, Ca... view more on
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