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  • Released:
    10 October 2011 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    Featuring the voices of Merrick Watts and Tex Perkins, Shaaark! tells the story of Jacques, a shark determined to inspire his fellow apex predators to rise up above their instincts and be more than mindless killing machines. His sidekick (Robert) is determined to follow his own instincts and eat anything that moves. Throw in a seal with a broken flipper, a nature-loving nurse shark, a lost kiwi whale, the regular bull sharks and you've got one series with no backbone but a heck of a lot of cartilage. [+]more
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Episode Guide For Shaaark!

Nurse   10/10/2011   Episode 7: Nurse Jacques is at the hospital picking up Robert after surgery. Jacques finally summons the courage to ask Becki out on a date. She agrees, but Jacques has to bring Robert along while the effects of the anesthetic wear off. At a romantic dinner for two, with one hanger-on, Becki reveals to Jacques how to win her heart. She wants all... view more on
Fish Under The Sea   10/10/2011   Episode 6: Fish Under The Sea The 'Fish Under the Sea' dance is a perfect place for a young shark like Robert to meet , and Jacques convinces Robert to go . And it is fancy dress. Jacques teaches Robert all of his smooth moves, but none of them seem to impress. Just as Jacques gives up on Robert, he seems to impress the nurse Becki with his party trick. Jacq... view more on
Broken Seal   10/10/2011   Episode 5: Broken Seal Robert believes the only way to discover if something is edible is by eating it. One day while sampling a new exotic food, he and Jacques come across a sealion (Sea-Li) with a broken flipper. Robert wants to eat it; Jacques reminds him not to consume if seal is broken. Jacques suggests that Sea-Li stays with the sharks until he ... view more on
Bullsharks   10/10/2011   Episode 4: Bullsharks Jacques' main mission in life is to stop sharks eating humans. When Jacques catches a bullshark with some finger-food stuck in his teeth, he reminds him that attacks on humans are no good for sharks' reputations. Human's aren't even supposed to taste any good. Jacques decides to take his campaign to the younger generation, and t... view more on
Shark VS Wild   10/10/2011   Episode 3: Shark VS Wild Robert suggests that Jacques would make a great TV star, so they decide to make their own series. Robert films Jacques in a series of challenges that pits Shark vs Wild. At first it all seems too easy being an apex-predator. When they start to push the limits, how far can they go before they are out of their depth? Introducing ... view more on
Wink   10/10/2011   Episode 2: Wink Robert challenges Jacques to turn Wink into a nicer shark. Wink is the one shark everyone is nervous around. Jacques believes that Wink is hiding some deep hurt which is responsible for the chip on his shoulder. Jacques and Robert turn amateur psychotherapist, and discover a Wink is hiding a deep blue secret. How will they bring... view more on
Beached   10/10/2011   Episode 1: Beached Jacques is often trying to find ways to impress the nature-loving nurse shark Becki, without success. Bored by regular food, Jacques heads off after a whale and Robert follows. Robert reminds Jacques that sharks aren't allowed to eat living whales, and Jacques comes up with a clever loophole. But when Becki appears on the scene,... view more on

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