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  • Released:
    16 December 2010 (USA)
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    Showtime is home to some of the most original series on television. And now we're home to some of the most original shorts on the web. We gathered our favorite cutting-edge content creators from across the internet and gave each of them a deceptively simple mission -- tell a short story in an innovative way. [+]more
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Episode Guide For SHORT stories

"Time" - Mystery Guitar Man   3/7/2012   Season 2 Episode 5: "Time" - Mystery Guitar Man MYSTERY GUITAR MAN: Blossoming break. A look into different spans of time. view more on
"Juxtaposis" - Floris Kaayk   3/7/2012   Season 2 Episode 4: "Juxtaposis" - Floris Kaayk FLORIS KAAYK: Dutch filmmaker Floris Kaayk explores contrast in this dizzying acrobatic film. view more on
"American Faces" - Rick Mereki   3/7/2012   Season 2 Episode 3: "American Faces" - Rick Mereki RICK MEREKI: A road trip across America, these are the faces we met along the way...from the makers of MOVE, EAT & LEARN. view more on
"Cobwebs" - Cyriak   3/7/2012   Season 2 Episode 2: "Cobwebs" - Cyriak CYRIAK: A brief journey through a world of spiders and the never-ending networks that bind their universe together. view more on
"Summer Bummer" - Bill Plympton   3/7/2012   Season 2 Episode 1: "Summer Bummer" - Bill Plympton BILL PLYMPTON: A man about to go swimming imagines what horrors could be lurking deep in in the waters of his backyard pool. view more on
Dahlia - Michael Langan   12/17/2010   Episode 5: Dahlia - Michael Langan "Dahlia" is the result of a controlled chaotic filmmaking approach created by artist Michael Langan. view more on
Tales of Mere Existence: A Few of my Highschool Teachers - Levni Yilmaz   12/17/2010   Episode 4: Tales of Mere Existence: A Few of my Highschool Teachers - Levni Yilmaz Tales of Mere Existence: A Few of my Highschool Teachers - Levni Yilmaz view more on
Music Box - Mixtape Club   12/17/2010   Episode 3: Music Box - Mixtape Club With "Music Box," a film that turns the traditional process of music video making on its head. view more on
Pretty, Dead - Jeff Scher   12/17/2010   Episode 2: Pretty, Dead - Jeff Scher Pretty Dead is an homage to the labyrinthical narratives of film noir. view more on
Walks of Life - Cyriak   12/17/2010   Episode 1: Walks of Life - Cyriak The abridged story of life on earth, as told through the medium of walking fingers. Created by Cyriak, of cows & cows & cows fame. view more on

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