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Episode Guide For Misery Bear

The Teddynator   11/30/2011   Episode 14: The Teddynator Misery Bear has turned to desperate measures in a bid to finally make himself happy. Will it work? Or will it have disastrous side effects and end up feeling uncannily like The Terminator (1984) directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton? view more on
Sport Relief with Mo Farah   3/8/2012   Episode 13: Sport Relief with Mo Farah Enter the Sport Relief Mile! Misery Bear did - but when he decided to get active and raise money for Sport relief, was he able to run the distance? Or did he have to resort to more drastic measures? view more on
Wedding   4/27/2011   Episode 12: Wedding It's true, Misery Bear is getting hitched! With heartbroken girls everywhere crying on to their keyboards, can this really be the end of Misery Bear's bachelorhood? view more on
Comic Relief Starring Kate Moss   3/7/2011   Episode 11: Comic Relief Starring Kate Moss Misery Bear hopes that trying to help Comic Relief might give his life some meaning. He's got himself a spacehopper and is going to do a sponsored 24-hour bounce. If only there was a beautiful supermodel like Kate Moss who might sponsor him. view more on
Misery Bear at the Seaside   3/9/2011   Episode 10: Misery Bear at the Seaside Misery Bear flees the city on a summer holiday. We all like to be beside the sea, but will the salty air really cheer Misery up? Or is life a beach until you die? See more Misery Bear at view more on
Christmas   12/10/2010   Episode 9: Christmas Misery Bear is busy getting ready for a merry Christmas and writing his letter to Santa... view more on
Dawn of the Ted   10/27/2010   Episode 8: Dawn of the Ted Misery Bear is getting ready for Halloween when things turn nasty. Time to visit some 'old friends' at the graveyard! view more on
New Friend   10/26/2010   Episode 7: New Friend Misery Bear buys a fish in the hope it will become his best friend... for life. view more on
Misery Bear Goes to Work   2/14/2011   Episode 6: Misery Bear Goes to Work Misery Bear probably hates his job more than his life. How long do you give him? See more Misery Bear at view more on
World Cup   6/10/2010   Episode 5: World Cup He's got a ticket to the World Cup, but will Misery Bear enjoy it? view more on
Valentine's Day   2/12/2010   Episode 4: Valentine's Day BBC Comedy's Best Loving Moments: Will it be another lonely Valentines Day for Misery Bear? Its looking that way, but then something brilliant happens... More Misery Bear on BBC Comedy: view more on
Day Off   1/13/2010   Episode 3: Day Off Misery Bear is at a bit of a loose end... More Misery Bear on BBC Comedy: view more on
Preparing For a Date   11/22/2010   Episode 2: Preparing For a Date Things are looking up for Misery Bear as he prepares for a date. If you're a bear it can be a little chaotic when it comes to cooking; blenders and bears don't mix. Misery Bear is pretty sure things will come together though, especially as he has candles and the perfect music. Maybe a relationship could be just what he needs to ... view more on
Trip to London   10/13/2009   Episode 1: Trip to London More Misery Bear on BBC Comedy: Misery Bear decides to visit London in this sketch. When youre miserable its best to try and cheer yourself up with a visit to a dirty, overcrowded and overpriced city. Surely a chance for a fun day?! view more on

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