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LG15: The Resistance

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  • Released:
    20 September 2008 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    The fountain of youth is real, and it's in the blood of dozens of girls around the world. There are many factions searching for these girls, trying to capture and control them. We find these girls and protect them. These are our stories. It began with a lonely girl reaching out to the world from her bedroom. lonelygirl15 flipped on her webcam on June 16th, 2006, and in the course of a few short months millions rallied around her cry for help. Her parents followed a strange religion, the Hymn of One, and were preparing lonelygirl15, Bree, for a mysterious ceremony. With the help of her friend Daniel, and a passionate community of online friends, Bree exposed the true nature of her parent's religion, and fled for her life. A motley group of friends formed around Bree and Daniel, and over the course of a year they ran from the Order, the evil secret society at the heart of the Hymn of One. They learned that the Order had discovered the fountain of youth, an incredibly rare enzyme in the blood of special girls like Bree. Controlling vast wealth and power, the Order had infiltrated every level of society, and on August 3rd, 2007 they finally caught up with Bree and her friends... Around the world people just like you are joining the fight against the Order. In England, another special girl like Bree was discovered, KateModern, and her friends joined the fight. In Poland, n1ckola. In Australia, The Last. And, in the United States, a new resistance answered the call. [+]more
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Episode Guide For LG15: The Resistance

Finale: Day Of Atonement   12/12/2008   Episode 13: Finale: Day Of Atonement Consequences. For all. Music: Castaneda view more on
Journey's End   12/6/2008   Episode 12: Journey's End No more hiding. Music Artist: Celldweller Album: The Voices in my Head view more on
We All Fall Down   11/29/2008   Episode 11: We All Fall Down Our thread is unraveling. Music Artist: Tokyo Police Club Album: Elephant Shell view more on
Splitting Up   11/22/2008   Episode 10: Splitting Up Our journey comes full circle. Music Artist: Illa J Album: "Yancey Boys" view more on
New England Ho!   11/16/2008   Episode 9: New England Ho! Our destination approaches. The time to enlist is now... Music Artist: Colourmusic Album: "f, monday, orange, february, venus, lunatic, 1 or 13" view more on
Foursome   11/8/2008   Episode 8: Foursome Some may be paired up. Others will be pissed off. Music Artist: Morningwood Album: "Sugarbaby" EP view more on
Tricks And Treats   11/1/2008   Episode 7: Tricks And Treats The destination is known, but the way is unclear. Music Artist: Killola Album: "I Am the Messer" view more on
Hacked And Tracked   10/26/2008   Episode 6: Hacked And Tracked They are closing in. But so are we. Music Artist: Scissors for Lefty view more on
On The Road   10/18/2008   Episode 5: On The Road We have a new goal. Which means we have a new destination. -- HoN Music Artist: Voyager One Album: "Afterhours in the Afterlife" view more on
Growth Spurt   10/11/2008   Episode 4: Growth Spurt We have our weapon. Now we must learn to wield it. Music Artist: The Teenagers Album: "Reality Check" view more on
Trust Fall   10/4/2008   Episode 3: Trust Fall The wheels are in motion. We have reached the point of no return. Music Artist: Push Play Album: "Deserted" view more on
Bad Decision?   9/27/2008   Episode 2: Bad Decision? Jonas embraces his destiny, Sarah embraces her boredom, and help comes from the community. Music Artist: Voxtrot Album: "Voxtrot" view more on
Call To Arms   9/20/2008   Episode 1: Call To Arms Time is short. Lives hang in the balance. Action must be taken. The Resistance rises TODAY. Music: Film School Album: "Hideout" view more on

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