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Have You Met Miss Jones?

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  • Released:
    11 December 2012 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    A mentally unstable 30-something widow ANGELINA JONES, works as a fame-struck, low level Hollywood gossip news reporter. Hell bent on finding a father figure for her gay teenage son JOE, Angelina frequents Miss Lolly's (Dot Jones) Speed Dating Club, where she meets: JACOB, (James Kyson) a devout Atheist; a CHRISTIAN GLAM ROCKER who is a recovering heroin addict; KELLY an amorous deviant who mistake's Angelina to be a chick with d*ck, and DOUBLE D a celebrity transsexual mafia hit-man from the FBI's Witness Protection Program. Angelina's delusional hopes of making a better life for herself and her son gets blindsided by the sudden reappearance of her foul-mouthed, married-to-the-mob mother, CONNIE CAMPOLITARRO (Patty McCormack). [+]more
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Episode Guide For Have You Met Miss Jones?

Drano "The Finale"   2/13/2013   Episode 10: Drano "The Finale" Minnie provides her "service" and in spite of the horror of it all, everyone seems to be having a great time except Angelina who laments about the crazy tragedy of her life and asks Joe to dispose of all the 9V batteries she stole for Double D. view more on
The Housekeeper   2/6/2013   Episode 9: The Housekeeper Angelina (James Di Giacomo) makes a startling discovery about Double D (Greg Bryan) but before she can confront him about his deceit, something unexpected occurs, and Connie (Patty McCormack) is forced to call in for the help of Minnie LaValla (Bunny Levine) -- an old acquaintance whose unusual occupation is just what the doctor... view more on
You'll Get Yours   1/30/2013   Episode 8: You'll Get Yours It looks like it’s going to be a quiet Sunday for Angelina (James Di Giacomo), Connie (Patty McCormack) and Joe, but while Angelina is showering, an unwelcome guest “arrives“ at the apartment -- forcing Connie to show Joe why she’s much more than just his favorite potty-mouthed grandma. view more on
Smoke and Vodka   1/23/2013   Episode 7: Smoke and Vodka As night falls on Miss Lolly‘s, a tipsy Angelina (James Di Giacomo) cozies up to Double D (Greg Bryan). Later, at the crack of dawn, Angelina arrives at her apartment to find Connie (Patty McCormack) asleep on the couch. It becomes instantaneously obvious that there is no love lost between mother and daughter, but what neither o... view more on
All About That Gay Stuff   1/16/2013   Episode 6: All About That Gay Stuff As they continue to bond, Connie (Patty McCormack) enlightens Joe about the profound psychological flaws that prevent Angelina (James Di Giacomo) from understanding or acknowledging her son’s lifestyle. And while Connie’s instant psycho analysis of her daughter might sound a little extreme, Angelina instantly proves that her mot... view more on
Who's Troy Donahue   1/9/2013   Episode 5: Who's Troy Donahue Angelina lingers at Miss Lolly’s speed dating club, while her somewhat unconventional mother Connie (Patty McCormack), accompanied by a chauffeur -- a lovable lug named Lou (Art LaFleur) -- has arrived at Angelina’s apartment back in Burbank. Connie showers her “beautiful grandson” Joe with love and kisses, but it quickly become... view more on
Area 51   1/2/2013   Episode 4: Area 51 Still speed dating, Angelina is teamed up with “Double D” -- an unsavory, low ranking, organized crime character who is currently riding the crest of a 15-minutes-of fame wave. It quickly becomes obvious that there is more -- or perhaps less -- to Double D than meets the eye. Everything you need to know about him is, “in his boo... view more on
Cakes and Cookies   12/25/2012   Episode 3: Cakes and Cookies Angelina's animosity towards Jake (James Kyson) reaches a wild boiling point, and an angry Miss Lolly (Dot Jones) is forced to intervene. Undeterred by the memory of that mess, Angelina tries to give Joe a brief lesson in "redemption" but when she meets another weird date she proves that she herself knows nothing at all about re... view more on
Atheist   12/18/2012   Episode 2: Atheist Angelina reminisces about her last speed dating "incident" at Miss Lolly's (Dot-Marie Jones) when she was paired with a harmless nerd who unwittingly pushed all of her wrong buttons. view more on
Versatile   12/11/2012   Episode 1: Versatile Angelina is all dolled up for yet another speed dating event, but her romantic enthusiasm is thwarted by her son Joe. He thinks that speed-dating is stupid and presents his mother with an alternative about how to complete their family. Naturally, Angelina misinterprets Joe's intentions. view more on

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