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  • Released:
    28 June 2007 (USA)
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  • Summary:
    The brave adventures of Edd and his troubling bunch of friends as they tackle zombies, demons, clones and everyday life. Many early episodes focused on violence, gore, and action, as the main characters would have to battle their way out of a situation with firearms or melee weapons such as knives, swords, and clubs. Zombies have been a relatively consistent theme in Eddsworld, including the three episode Zanta Claws series. Episodes vary in other genres as well, ranging from science fiction to musicals. Recent episodes focus more on word play or the group trying to complete a goal of some kind and follow slightly more realistic plots. [+]more
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Episode Guide For Eddsworld

Hammer & Fail 2   7/23/2011   Season 7 Episode 2: Hammer & Fail 2 Part two of two: Rooftop Rumble Finally after much delay, (and despite my crappy health) it is finished! And for those wondering about my condition, i still have a more treatment to go but overall it's currently looking good! Eddsworld shirts, hoodies & posters available! view more on
Intro Song   3/13/2011   Season 7 Episode 1: Intro Song Songstowearpantsto made me a theme song type tune, and i animated it! Check him out here: Check those shirts out here: Download the song here: view more on
Zanta Claws III   12/22/2010   Season 6 Episode 3: Zanta Claws III Zanta is back for one final fight, but whose side is he on? DOWNLOAD THE SONG: Finished just in time for the festive season, I hope you enjoy this festive romp and have yourselves a merry christmas! Be sure to check out the ever so talented Twintapes ( ) who created the awes... view more on
Hammer & Fail   9/10/2010   Season 6 Episode 2: Hammer & Fail Part one of two: Rival Builders (Second part arriving after an Xmas special) Matt and his kleptomaniac ways force the others to build an extention to their house, they soon find they aren't the only amateur builders in the neighbourhood. Vote 5! Credits for voices and music are in ... view more on
WTFuture   2/13/2010   Season 6 Episode 1: WTFuture Great Scott! A Time-travel based episode! Finally finished! It's taken me ages to get this one done, had a few errors along the way and had to retrace steps etc., but i hope you all enjoy it! view more on
Xmas Day   12/20/2009   Season 5 Episode 3: Xmas Day Join Edd and the others as they celebrate Xmas day.. sort of. I took a break from animating WTFuture to make this short flash for christmas, sorry it's no Zanta 3 but i hope you all enjoy it and have a great holiday :D view more on
MovieMakers   4/19/2009   Season 5 Episode 2: MovieMakers Tom buys an expensive camera and the gang have to earn their money back. For optional subtitles you can also see/vote for it here: or here: view more on
Art is Serious   12/23/2008   Season 5 Episode 1: Art is Serious Tom helps Edd be more artistic. Animated by Edd & Paul Voiced by Edd & Tom Ending image by Ian Music: Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Barnacle Bill Baltimora - Tarzan Boy view more on
Zanta Claws II   12/18/2008   Season 4 Episode 6: Zanta Claws II He's back, and this time - it's seasonal. Hope you enjoy and have a happy xmas! Also starring Tomska ( Be sure to vote on Newgrounds! view more on
Matt Sucks   10/29/2008   Season 4 Episode 5: Matt Sucks He really does. Please add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL to watch in full quality! A short Halloween animation about vampires, hope you enjoy! view more on
25ft under the seat   9/28/2008   Season 4 Episode 4: 25ft under the seat You don't have to die to go to goldfish heaven. If you add &fmt=18 at the end of the URL you can watch this in high quality! Update: To those of you who keep asking, yes, I'm afraid Tord has left Eddsworld. He had his reasons for doing so. view more on
Moving Targets   7/2/2008   Season 4 Episode 3: Moving Targets Time for a summer holiday - in the army! Hope you enjoy watching this as much as i did making it! For a higher quality version, visit my website And vote 5 on NG if you like it a lot! view more on
Spares   5/16/2008   Season 4 Episode 2: Spares Edd and the gang meet some familiar faces! All music made especially for this movie by: and Sam For a higher quality SWF version, visit my website: And please vote for it on Newgrounds: view more on
Tom's Tales of Brilliance   2/4/2008   Season 4 Episode 1: Tom's Tales of Brilliance Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. Written & Voiced by Tom ( ) Animated by Edd view more on
Zanta Claws   12/21/2007   Season 3 Episode 7: Zanta Claws Edd and the gang have anything but a Silent night this christmas. Merry Christmas Youtube fans! view more on
Eddsworld Halloween Special   11/2/2007   Season 3 Episode 6: Eddsworld Halloween Special Edd and his friends are attacked by a axe-wielding maniac! Support Eddsworld! Vote 5 for us in the Newgrounds Halloween competition! Also sorry for the lateness of this upload, my internet has been awkward recently. view more on
Ruined   9/2/2007   Season 3 Episode 5: Ruined Edd discovers something in his back garden.. For a high quality flash version, visit view more on
Eddsworld Zombeh Attack 3   4/29/2007   Season 3 Episode 4: Eddsworld Zombeh Attack 3 The third installment of the Zombeh attack series! view more on
Casino Night   3/16/2007   Season 3 Episode 3: Casino Night A 'Noir' music video by me to a song by The Button mashers. view more on
This World of Edd   3/2/2007   Season 3 Episode 2: This World of Edd Another animation by me. view more on
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