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Dad vs. Lad

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  • Released:
    29 February 2012 (USA)
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    Herb, having suffered with his acerbic step-son Weston for over a year, has finally given up and left Weston's Mom and that family. Broke from divorce lawyer and child support (from his 2 sons from his previous marriage), Herb moves into a small bungalow to make ends meet, when his hostile son Iggy and his younger son Morph arrive to live with him. Setting up yet another Dad vs. Lad scenario! "Dad vs. Lad" is a web-series about the relationship (or lack thereof) between Herb, a put-upon Step-Father, and his new wife's wayward son: Weston. [+]more
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Episode Guide For Dad vs. Lad

A Plucking Mess   3/31/2015   Season 5 Episode 6: A Plucking Mess While Morph plucks through Herb's vast ear hair reservoir, he grills Herb as to what he and Iggy talked about during his weekend away. When Herb is more evasive than a politician at a debate, Morph (for once) gets mad at him, just as another big surprise shows up at the door. view more on
Today WAS Not Yesterday   3/6/2015   Season 5 Episode 5: Today WAS Not Yesterday Following Jac's departure, images flash in Iggy's mind of just how Jac had been relating to Herb during the visit, and he comes to a startling conclusion. A conclusion that Herb is surprised and dismayed by, for reasons that come as a shock to Iggy. view more on
Today is Not Yesterday   2/25/2015   Season 5 Episode 4: Today is Not Yesterday Herb's bonding weekend with Iggy is cut short when Jac, Herb's young lawyer he's known since she was a girl, pays a visit with Herb's final divorce papers in hand. Herb is overjoyed at the news that he is no longer married to Weston's mom, but there are certain unexpected stipulations. view more on
It's Tough Raising a Dad   1/27/2015   Season 5 Episode 3: It's Tough Raising a Dad Herb and Morph have a heart-to-heart talk about Herb and Iggy's constant fighting. Morph feels more stuck in the middle than the U.N., and forces Herb into a reluctant promise, before Morph is set to go away for the weekend. view more on
Fixing Morph   1/8/2015   Season 5 Episode 2: Fixing Morph Iggy decides to “fix” Morph's Spanish speaking once and for all by employing a hypnosis technique he learned on the internet. Herb has flashbacks to Weston, Binky, Deana, and poop in his gym bag. view more on
Transitions   12/28/2014   Season 5 Episode 1: Transitions Herb gets a new job and moves to Houston, after Chancie opts for living with his uncle following the peanut incident back at the bungalow. Just as Herb is settling in, he learns that Iggy and Morph are trapped in Brownsville at a detention center with Central American refugees. view more on
Different Shocks   1/14/2014   Season 4 Episode 5: Different Shocks Herb hears from his lawyer about a possible custody challenge for Chancie. Herb learns an interesting factoid about Chancie, just as the PAST comes knocking at the door. view more on
Hacking and Whacking   1/2/2014   Season 4 Episode 4: Hacking and Whacking Chancie tries to help Herb move from the too small bungalow, but his methods DO NOT make Herb a happy camper. view more on
The Decision, but not LeBron's (Part Two)   12/8/2013   Season 4 Episode 3: The Decision, but not LeBron's (Part Two) Herb finishes up his session with Chancie at his therapist's office while the duo await word on the DNA test to confirm Chancie's parentage. view more on
The Decision, but not LeBron's (Part One)   11/21/2013   Season 4 Episode 2: The Decision, but not LeBron's (Part One) Herb is back in Dr. Speigel's office, with Chancie in tow, as he explains what's happened in the last week since Chancie showed up! view more on
Chance Encounter   10/17/2013   Season 4 Episode 1: Chance Encounter Herb catches up with Chancie in a park after Chancie drops the bombshell on Iggy and Morph that Herb might be his biological father. view more on
An Unexpected Development   6/25/2013   Season 3 Episode 5: An Unexpected Development Herb's back at his therapist's office discussing Morph's lingering Latino-ness and why he's still paying child support to Magma when he has custody of his sons. The answer involves an incident from years before that Herb would rather keep from the boys. view more on
Wrestling with It   6/19/2013   Season 3 Episode 4: Wrestling with It A lazy Saturday finds Iggy and Herb discussing Morph's continuing Spanish speaking, Iggy's school work, and Herb's past use of corporal punishment. view more on
Morph Morphs   6/1/2013   Season 3 Episode 3: Morph Morphs Iggy and Morph begin to settle in to life in Herb's smallish digs, but a typical morning becomes anything but routine when Morph takes a spill with bizarre results. view more on
Confrontations and Cohabitations   5/25/2013   Season 3 Episode 2: Confrontations and Cohabitations Iggy confronts Herb about his failings as a father, while he and Morph confront their new living situation. view more on
The Boys are Back   5/8/2013   Season 3 Episode 1: The Boys are Back Herb talks to a therapist about finally getting fed up with Weston and leaving his Mom and that family, and about the boys from his first marriage (Iggy & Morph) that he hasn't seen in awhile. view more on
Insensitivity Session   9/25/2012   Season 2 Episode 5: Insensitivity Session Deana TRIES to conduct a therapy exercise with Herb and Weston, as per Dr. Fayber, to get them to be more positive and sensitive to each other. GOOD LUCK! view more on
Therapy   8/24/2012   Season 2 Episode 4: Therapy Weston discusses how he feels about Herb with a rather bizarre, new age, therapist. view more on
Storytime   8/9/2012   Season 2 Episode 3: Storytime It's Carrie Ann's bedtime and Herb decides to tell her a story about a wonderful "King" and a rotten "Prince," but Weston overhears and "helps" Herb finish the story. view more on
Replacement Pain   7/27/2012   Season 2 Episode 2: Replacement Pain With Weston and the girls away, Herb looks forward to a quiet, romantic evening. Then Weston's annoying little cousin, Lomax, shows up. view more on
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