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Cubix: Robots for Everyone

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    11 August 2001 (USA)
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    Cubix: Robots for Everyone takes place in the year 2040 in Bubble Town where robots outnumber humans. Robots are made in RobixCorp. Everyone has a robot, each with its own unique duty. This show centers around the Botties, a special club for people who know how to fix robots. But robots are going crazy all over Bubble Town all of a sudden, and no one knows why. [+]more
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Episode Guide For Cubix: Robots for Everyone

Final Showdown   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 13: Final Showdown It's up to Connor, the rest of the Botties, and surprisingly Dr. K to restore Cubix, Maximix, ward off the zombot army, prevent all of Bubble Town's robots from Kilobot's evil brainwashing and beat him once and for all! view more on
War Triangle   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 12: War Triangle Dr. K sends his army of zombots to Bubble Town to attack- but shortly thereafter they attack him. Kilobot has his own plans- plans that don't include Dr. K. Now it's all out war as Maximix sacrifices himself and Cubix's cubes get disseminated amongst the Zombot army. view more on
The Importance of Being Maximix   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 11: The Importance of Being Maximix Kilobot, sick of Dr.K's shortcomings strikes out on his own and returns to Robix Corp to steal the tools necessary for world domination that K failed to obtain. But it's not as easy as he thought it would be and he is forced to impersonate Maximix to get the job done. view more on
Klank   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 10: Klank The kids find and activate the last of the Mechanical Men - Bubble Town's earliest robots - outmoded years ago by Nemo's EPU-version. But when the old clunker has trouble adjusting to the modern world, the kids add an EPU to his system. It gives him odd powers and the desire to find his beloved old master...a funny robot-loving ... view more on
cirKus   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 9: cirKus The robot circus is in town! But when the Botties run into (literally) a trapeze robot running for her life they realize something is not quite right under the big top. During their search to find their new trapeze friend's lost memory the Botties discover an underground EPU erasing station. Dr. K is stealing robots, erasing the... view more on
Bubble Town Wishes and EPU Dreams   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 8: Bubble Town Wishes and EPU Dreams Dr. K manages to zap all of Bubble Town's robots into a 'community sleep' and convinces them all to aid him with his nefarious plans. The Botties figure out that the only way to revive their robots without losing them forever is to send Cubix into their bizarre dream world to find a way to wake them all up - and show Dark Cubix ... view more on
Media Storm   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 7: Media Storm There's a spoilsport in Bubble Town's robot-kite flying contest: jealous Antonio, the new hovering Weather-Control Robot, who feels the skies belong to him... and will defend his place with weather-attacks on Cubix and the kids. view more on
Tomorrow's Robots Today   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 6: Tomorrow's Robots Today Robix Corp is about to present its newest robots-like Demolishix, Correctix, and Endurix, a colonizer with the ability to instantly transport himself... anywhere-to the general public. But things go awry when Dark Cubix shows up and absorbs Maximix, Dondon, even Endurix and faces off with Cubix. view more on
Tyrannix   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 5: Tyrannix It's time for the annual Tricoball competition - and the underdog Botties Pit team shocks everyone by taking on the dinosaur robots from the all-new Jurrasix line. But Cubix and gang will need more than teamwork to win once Dark Cubix shape-shifts its way into the contest as Tyrannosaurix - who is set on making Cubix extinct. view more on
Crash Test Pest   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 4: Crash Test Pest The kids and Cubix befriend a bunch of invulnerable Crash-Test Dummy Robots, but when the Dummies turn on them, the question becomes 'How do you defeat an enemy you can't possibly hurt?' view more on
The Incredible Shrinking Robot   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 3: The Incredible Shrinking Robot To rid Bubble Town of its rodent problem, Cubix, Connor, and a smelly Exterminator Robot shrink down to invade a mouse colony, but wind up face to face with a cat who's a rat - and at the mercy of the big feet of Chip, Mong, and Abby - who can't see them! view more on
The Chipinator   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 2: The Chipinator Tired of being called 'shrimp', Chip gains more than height when he straps on some sinister robotic armor. It magnifies his anger and changes him into the 'Chipinator', a cyborg who needs to be cut back down to size - a tall order indeed, even for Cubix! view more on
Roller Koaster   3/4/2011   Season 2 Episode 1: Roller Koaster Dr. K creates The Ultimate Robot, Cubix's major adversary in Season 2. When The UR absorbs the powers of other robots and shape-shifts into look-alikes of them, Cubix is initially blamed for the damage he leaves behind. view more on
Kulminator   3/4/2011   Episode 13: Kulminator Connor, Cubix, and the Botties (in Dr. K's battle bots) attempt to save Bubble Town from Dr. K's enormous robot. Eventually, they wind up having to save each other- as Abby gets sucked back inside and Connor runs to her rescue. Eventually, it's comes down to Cubix and the big monster and Cubix's only chance to win is by transfor... view more on
Kubix!!!   3/4/2011   Episode 12: Kubix!!! Connor and the rest of the Botties go searching for Cubix, or what's left of him only to find that he has been kollected by Dr. K! Thanks to Attractix's returned memory, they fall into Dr. K's lair, literally. Once inside, they have to overcome many obstacles until Connor can get to Cubix...he finds him, but only after K has sto... view more on
Office PolitIX   3/4/2011   Episode 11: Office PolitIX While Hela experiments on Solex, Dr. K and his alien boss launch an attack on the Bottie's pit. The Botties beat the battle-bots, but it was a fake attack! Raska shows up expressing her concern for their safety and offers Hela the Robix Corp facilities for her research. The Botties go to Robix Corp where they are treated like ro... view more on
Fixed Competition   3/4/2011   Episode 10: Fixed Competition It's time for the Annual Robot Grand Prix- promoting technology and beauty- and all the Botties are working furiously on their robots to win! Even Charles is planning to take home the prize with his Quixtreme 5000. Unfortunately, Quixtreme is infected with Solex! Dr. K, Kolossal and Klawber show up and instead of the final round... view more on
K's Kages   3/4/2011   Episode 9: K's Kages Racing through Bubble Town gets the Botties into trouble again...this time at the Robot Graveyard. A strange robot named Konfusion appears and leads them into the Robot Zoo. Once they get there, they realize they have just set foot into Dr. K's secret lab view more on
Magnetix Personality   3/4/2011   Episode 8: Magnetix Personality One of Dr. K's robots, Attractix, runs away from his lair- infected with Solex- and heads straight for Bubble Town. Once there, his super magnet wreaks havoc on the otherwise peaceful town- collecting everything including Dondon! Dr. K chases his AWOL bot with Kolossal and Krab but the magnetic field is too strong even for them!... view more on
Hurricane Havoc   3/4/2011   Episode 7: Hurricane Havoc As a hurricane approaches Bubble Town, Connor and his dad have a huge fight and Connor runs Abby's house. As the storm intensifies Graham gets worried and goes out to look for his son. Hela joins him and they drive all over town. Connor now starts to worry about his missing dad and rushes to a highway crash he thinks G... view more on
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