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Realistic Fighting Game   9/26/2012   Episode 144: Realistic Fighting Game Three beers don't make you a world warrior. view more on
The Dark Knight Meets The Avengers   8/28/2012   Episode 143: The Dark Knight Meets The Avengers Only one thing can heal Batman's tortured soul: volleyball. view more on
The Adventures of Kim Jong Un (Part 3)   8/23/2012   Episode 142: The Adventures of Kim Jong Un (Part 3) North Korea's sexiest leader chooses a bride. Three billion disintegrate from sorrow. view more on
Nicki Minaj's Butt Goes Solo   8/14/2012   Episode 141: Nicki Minaj's Butt Goes Solo The pop singer's derriere strikes out on its own independent carriere. view more on
The Conservative Lorax   7/31/2012   Episode 140: The Conservative Lorax As seen on Fox Seuss. view more on
Muppet Teens   7/23/2012   Episode 139: Muppet Teens Just because they're puppets doesn't mean they'll do whatever you want, dude. view more on
The Adventures of Kim Jong Un Part 2   7/17/2012   Episode 138: The Adventures of Kim Jong Un Part 2 The continuing escapades of North Korea's leader / rock star / Iron Man. view more on
Perfect Fantasy World   6/27/2012   Episode 137: Perfect Fantasy World This one goes out to the dreamers. And the perverts. view more on
Hoverboard Lightsaber Portal Gun Fight   6/18/2012   Episode 136: Hoverboard Lightsaber Portal Gun Fight It's Star Wars meets Xbox 360 meets Back to the Future meets your worst nightmare. view more on
The Fall of Pinterest   6/4/2012   Episode 135: The Fall of Pinterest The Internet's only safe-haven for girls comes under attack. From the rest of the Internet. view more on
Teenage Polar Bear Cam   5/23/2012   Episode 134: Teenage Polar Bear Cam Your local zoo presents a live glimpse of nature at its most dysfunctional. view more on
Narnia Dogs Can't Stand   5/10/2012   Episode 133: Narnia Dogs Can't Stand Enter an enchanted world where anything is possible, except good balance. view more on
Too Many Avengers   4/30/2012   Episode 132: Too Many Avengers The world's most elite superhero team has a very open-door policy. view more on
Alternate Mad Men Intros   3/26/2012   Episode 131: Alternate Mad Men Intros Just in time for the new season, the AMC drama reveals some (thankfully) unused openings. view more on
Google Chrome Snooki's Baby Commercial   3/21/2012   Episode 130: Google Chrome Snooki's Baby Commercial Gym, tan, ruin the lives of your children. view more on
The Adventures of Kim Jong Un   3/13/2012   Episode 129: The Adventures of Kim Jong Un A leaked North Korean cartoon presenting the totally true triumphs of the totally not pudgy Great Leader. view more on
Be Our Bachelor   3/6/2012   Episode 128: Be Our Bachelor A new take on "Beauty and the Beast" presents the sadness of eating for one as only a Disney musical can! view more on
My Little Brony   2/28/2012   Episode 127: My Little Brony Friendship is tragic. view more on
Voting Booth Talks Back   2/7/2012   Episode 126: Voting Booth Talks Back Make your voice heard or they'll do it for you. view more on
The Roast of Weed   1/24/2012   Episode 125: The Roast of Weed Things get nasty when drugs are involved. view more on
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