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Casper the Friendly Ghost

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  • Released:
    18 October 1969 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    This spooky series follows the adventures of everybody's favourite little ghost, Casper, as he attempts to make friends with everyone he meets. The good-natured ghoul unwittingly scares most of the characters he comes across, but he always manages to befriend those in need, and inevitably saves the day. Full of merry mischief and ghostly goings on, Casper and his pals will not fail to raise your spirits! [+]more
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Episode Guide For Casper the Friendly Ghost

Ghost Of Honour   10/18/2010   Episode 14: Ghost Of Honour Casper helps Billy learn to ice-skate and Mr Sandman helps an insomniac bear get some sleep. view more on
Boo Scout / Which Is Witch   10/18/2010   Episode 13: Boo Scout / Which Is Witch Kitten abuses Casper's protection by taunting dog and the three witches make nasty Casper and Wendy doubles. view more on
Casper's Birthday Party / Wandering Ghost   10/18/2010   Episode 12: Casper's Birthday Party / Wandering Ghost Casper wants to be boy scout, so he and Billy go hiking in the woods, and he helps Ulysses find his way home. view more on
To Boo or Not To Boo / Weather Or Not   10/18/2010   Episode 11: To Boo or Not To Boo / Weather Or Not Casper undoes Spooky's April Fool's mischief, and visits a music museum where he helps Shubert finish his symphony. view more on
Ice Scream.../ Bedtime Troubles   10/18/2010   Episode 10: Ice Scream.../ Bedtime Troubles Casper tries to fit in at a Halloween dance, and Casper helps groundhog retrieve his show. view more on
Peekaboo.../ Twin Trouble   10/18/2010   Episode 9: Peekaboo.../ Twin Trouble Casper searches for friends to invite to his party, and has a beach date with Wendy which the Spooks try to spoil. view more on
Heir Restorer / Line Of Screamage   10/18/2010   Episode 8: Heir Restorer / Line Of Screamage Casper helps a castle ghost find an inheritor on his visit to England, and helps a little guy win a football game. view more on
North Pal / Lonesome Giant   10/18/2010   Episode 7: North Pal / Lonesome Giant Casper plays games with a baby seal in the arctic, and helps a lonely giant find some animal friends. view more on
Pig A Boo / Growing Up   10/18/2010   Episode 6: Pig A Boo / Growing Up Casper saves the 3 little pigs from the wolf and the Ghostly Trio give Casper a potion which makes him larger. view more on
Cage Fright / Mothergoose Land   10/18/2010   Episode 5: Cage Fright / Mothergoose Land Casper befriends a baby elephant lured from the zoo and Wendy helps Casper undo the Trio's mischief there. view more on
Ghost Of The Town / Super Spook   10/18/2010   Episode 4: Ghost Of The Town / Super Spook Casper befriends a skunk by pretending to only be painted white and rescues a thrill seeking billionaire captured by the witch. view more on
Spunky Skunky / Bored Billionaire   10/18/2010   Episode 3: Spunky Skunky / Bored Billionaire Casper saves a baby from a burning building while the other ghosts try to scare his fans, and the big friendly ghost teaches Casper to stand up to the Trio. view more on
Professor's Problem / Little Lost Ghost   10/18/2010   Episode 2: Professor's Problem / Little Lost Ghost Casper helps the professor take his rocket into space and helps a lost ghost find his mother. view more on
Deep Boo Sea/ The Witching Hour   10/18/2010   Episode 1: Deep Boo Sea/ The Witching Hour Casper plays pirates with a young boy and rescues his brothers from whales, and a witch hexes Wendy so all her furniture runs away. view more on

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