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Basketball Trick Shots   2/19/2011   Episode 78: Basketball Trick Shots We'll all be watching Blake Griffin tonight in the NBA All Star Dunk challenge, but here are some more homegrown basketball heroics. Send yours in to Break to get paid! view more on
Ice Fails - Most Awesome   2/4/2011   Episode 77: Ice Fails - Most Awesome Some people look at winter weather as a bad thing, some others know know 'tis the season for fail. Check out all our fails here: 0:05 Slap Stick Sad Face Kid 0:22 Motorcycle Flipover Fail 0:40 Puppy's Paws Slip and Slide 2:00 Around He Goes and Goes 2:16 What the Duck! (Grandma Slip Fail) view more on
Skate Fail Reactions - Most Awesome   1/21/2011   Episode 76: Skate Fail Reactions - Most Awesome Don't forget to put that ish on Break, though (and get paid): 0:06 Skater Plays Flip Fail Cool 0:39 All Washed Up 0:56 Board Slide Ball Buster 1:17 School Yard Doesn't Play Nice 1:37 Rollerblader Owned By Rail 1:51 Big Bad Board Break Some of these guys are super cool and some get super heated - e... view more on
Most Awesome Epic Drunk Fails - part 3   1/1/2011   Episode 75: Most Awesome Epic Drunk Fails - part 3 A lot of us are starting this new year off with a powerful hangover, but hopefully not too many of us will suffer the aftermath of bonehead moves and cosmetic mishaps depicted here. view more on
Most Awesome - Rube Goldberg Machines   11/9/2009   Episode 74: Most Awesome - Rube Goldberg Machines Say what you will about these guys having too much time on their hands or lacking in the girlfriend department, truth be told their elaborate schemes to get a ball into a cup are pretty cool to watch. view more on
Scary Wake Up Pranks   10/16/2009   Episode 73: Scary Wake Up Pranks Scared witless. All these poor fools are terrified out of peaceful dream states with the rudest of awakenings. It's maybe a little cruel to scare someone awake but it goes for a great video and lots of laughs, at least for the pranksters. Check out the Most Awesome Channel on Break: view more on
Couple Pranks   10/9/2009   Episode 72: Couple Pranks update - revenge - -- Many couples try new things to keep a relationship spicy, but with this couple it's a miracle they're still together to prank each other another day. You may have seen some of their exploits - here are five of their best. Classic Car Heater Prank On Girlfriend 0:... view more on
Most Awesome - Motorcycle Fails   9/25/2009   Episode 71: Most Awesome - Motorcycle Fails Hard to call these accidents, but all of these motorcycle riders will have to brush the dirt off their shoulder or file insurance claims for their boneheaded failed stunts and beginner's bad luck. Street bikes, dirt bikes, or roadsters, there is no discrimination with stupid. view more on
Car Demolition - Most Awesome   9/18/2009   Episode 70: Car Demolition - Most Awesome Cash for clunkers is over, but these guys have other ideas for how demolish their junk cars, from hammers to bulldozers, robot dinosaurs, tanks, and explosives. 0:05 Guy Lets Anger Loose on His Car 0:21 A Very Creative Way To Junk Your Car 0:58 Give It To Rexy, He'll Eat Anything 1:50 Tank Vs Car. Guess Who Wins... 2:21 Have a ... view more on
College Dorm Pranks   9/11/2009   Episode 69: College Dorm Pranks If partying all the time in college gets old, here are some fun pranks you can try to make dorm life a little more interesting. The "No Look, Scream, and Run" Defense 0:07 Sleeping Friend Wake-up Call 0:20 His Bed Must Be An IKEA Brand 1:08 Foul! 2 Min For Douche-like Behavior 1:24 Awesome College Dorm Chair Prank 1:45 view more on
Office Pranks   9/4/2009   Episode 68: Office Pranks In observance of Labor Day, here are five awesome prank ideas for getting your coworkers. Just to show them you care. view more on
What Not To Do With Fire   8/28/2009   Episode 67: What Not To Do With Fire Here are some unorthodox ways start fires, from bombing a campfire with fireworks to taking a homemade flamethrower to your excess brush. view more on
Belly Flops   8/21/2009   Episode 66: Belly Flops A collection of the least graceful water entries caught on tape. Some of these are backflops - a close cousin and possibly deadlier version of the classic belly flop. view more on
Drunk Fails   7/17/2009   Episode 65: Drunk Fails Be careful with alcohol, otherwise you might pass out like a cut tree, find yourself saran wrapped to a bed, getting violated by a chihuahua, or a surprise haircut from your roommate. view more on
Rednecks   7/10/2009   Episode 64: Rednecks Rootin tootin redneck fun on this Most Awesome - from ATV wipeouts in the mud, to a hunter giving himself a nutshot with his shotgun's recoil. Plus catfish wrestling, above ground pool flooding, and a pickup truck that jumps through fire. Gettin Clean with a 4 Wheeler Mud Bath 0:05 Pickup Jumps through 2 Fires 0:47 How to Floo... view more on
Pranks - Vol. 3   5/1/2009   Episode 63: Pranks - Vol. 3 People really brought their A game this April for the Break prank contest. This is a compilation featuring some of the best pranks including a mother scared into labor, a rat trap revenge, sun bathing dousing prank, and even a dorm room hanging. view more on
Dumb Europeans   3/6/2009   Episode 62: Dumb Europeans Americans may be fat, as we showed you last week, but we didn't want our European friends to feel left out. Here are our top 5 videos of people getting pwned across the pond. Polite - Even When Pissed (not drunk) 0:07 "McDonaldization" Runs Deep 0:27 Condom Head - Only Protection He'll Ever Need 0:58 Swedish Jump Fail - (Watch... view more on
Fat Americans   2/27/2009   Episode 61: Fat Americans We see a lot of fat Americans at Here are our top five videos in which they play starring roles. New updates to our FREE app! Get it now: Send in your videos to get $ and be featured: For the funniest videos breaking online, visit - More Bre... view more on
Hot Chicks Prank Back   1/22/2010   Episode 60: Hot Chicks Prank Back You can see these girls on the receiving end of pranks on Break, this is where they fight back. Top Ten Most Popular Videos Topless Bikini Beach Prank: Couple Pranks: Top 10 Scare Pranks - 2012 Countdown: view more on
Summer Pranks   7/18/2012   Episode 59: Summer Pranks Grab your flip flops and head to the beach because this week's Most Awesome is full of Sand, Sunshine, Bikini Babes, and lots of Water! What's your favorite Summer Prank? Get your Free Break Apps at Send in your videos to get $ and be featured: For the funniest videos breaking online,... view more on
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