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  • Released:
    3 March 1981 (USA)
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  • Summary:
    The original, uncut, uncensored Japanese version of VOLTRON! In the future, Earth has been ravaged by nuclear war. Survivors are captured by an evil alien race of the Galran Empire led by the ruthless King Daibazaal to work as slaves or fight in a deadly arena. Five captured Earthlings: the fearless Captain Akira "Chief" Kogane, the silent Takashi "Quiet" Shirogane, the strong Tsuyoshi "Hothead" Seidou, the reckless Isamu "Moody" Kurogane and the small but crafty Hiroshi "Shorty" Suzuishi, will attempt to escape the dungeons of Castle Galra before they are again forced to fight in the arena or worse, turned into massive Beastmen monsters. [+]more
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Episode Guide For Beast King GoLion

GoLion's Desperate Battle   11/16/2010   Episode 51: GoLion's Desperate Battle Go Lion goes one-on-one with the Mecha Beastman Daibazaal in an incredible battle. With some help from the spirit of Fala's father, King Raimon, Go Lion is victorious! In the heat of battle, Honerva betrays Sincline and helps out the GoLion team before being viciously killed by Sincline. Before she dies, Honerva reveals some dis... view more on
The Great Storming of Galra   11/16/2010   Episode 50: The Great Storming of Galra Thanks to the GoLion team, Altea now has control of Sincline's ultimate weapon and plans to use it to break through Planet Galra's force field to take down Emperor Daibazaal once and for all. But after Daibazaal himself leads a surprise attack on Altea, Sincline has his own father arrested and turned into a Mecha Beastman! view more on
The Last of Hys   11/16/2010   Episode 49: The Last of Hys In the continuation of episode 48, Sincline's massive new weapon seemingly destroys GoLion, blasting the mighty robot apart. Raible realizes that Saint is, in fact, an agent of Galra. Princess Fala's former nanny, Hys, is shot and killed by Saint! Raible gains control and orders a recon squad to locate the Lions as the GoLion ... view more on
Reunion with the Phantom   11/16/2010   Episode 48: Reunion with the Phantom A mysterious young man known as Saint rescues Princess Fala after her Lion crashes. Back at the Castle Gradam, Raible is convinced that Saint is indeed his long lost son whom he had sent away years ago during an attack on the Planet Altea. But Saint is actually a resurrected agent of Galra and when he is left at the controls of ... view more on
The Seven Free Planets   11/16/2010   Episode 47: The Seven Free Planets Raible hosts a meeting of the Leo Alliance, made up of planets ready to revolt against the Galran Empire. The group wishes for Fala to pilot the Black Lion in GoLion and Kogane agrees to step down after the princess is properly trained. Daibazaal learns of this and along with Sincline begins to assassinate leaders of the rebel p... view more on
Fight Back,Space Mice   11/16/2010   Episode 46: Fight Back,Space Mice After some unnatural earth tremors frighten them into action, the Castle Gradam mice (with help from Shorty) create their own robotic fighter unit to take on Honerva's evil cat, Jaga. While GoLion is trapped by a powerful underground Beastman known as Chi Granz, it's up to the mice to launch a rescue mission! view more on
The Great Army of Darkness   11/16/2010   Episode 45: The Great Army of Darkness Daibazaal has an ambitious plan to squash the resistance by creating an army of Mecha Beastmen produced at a factory on a secret planet, Midway. Princess Amue slips away from Planet Heracles in order to help Ryou organize a guerilla army against Galra and report their findings to the GoLion team on Altea. Ryou disguises himself... view more on
The Planet Jarre Oath   11/16/2010   Episode 44: The Planet Jarre Oath Planet Jarre is the latest planet to be inspired by the return of GoLion but their signal is intercepted by Galra and Honerva sends an evil doppelganger of GoLion to the planet instead. With the help of some children, the real GoLion is warned of the trap but soon a battle between two GoLion robots is on! Only through Kogane's r... view more on
Angry Youth Suicide Corp   11/16/2010   Episode 43: Angry Youth Suicide Corp Sincline goes back to the Planet Amazon to re-conquer it bringing with him a Mecha Beastman Ypsilon. A group of orphans who lost parents in the battle forms a resistance unit They are soon discovered by Honerva and are used as bait to lure GoLion to the planet. Kogane attempts a daring rescue of the children and somehow survive... view more on
The Sand Planet of Death   11/16/2010   Episode 42: The Sand Planet of Death Honerva is attempting to turn some otherwise peaceful Sand Creatures into horrible Mechablack Beastmen! At the request of Raible's friend, Dr. Harvard, the GoLion team goes to thwart the plan as Fala befriends one of the Sand Creatures. She is horrified when Sincline has it turned into a Beastman! Will the GoLion team survive ... view more on
Brave Shirogane's Brother   11/16/2010   Episode 41: Brave Shirogane's Brother Princess Amue is saved from the pit by Ryou Shirogane who is the brother of the original Blue Lion pilot Takashi "Quiet" Shirogane. Upon learning of his brother's fate, Ryou swears revenge against the Galran Empire and contacts Planet Altea informing Castle Gradam of the rescue of Amue. Honerva attempts to lure Amue out from hid... view more on
No Tomorrow for Altea   11/16/2010   Episode 40: No Tomorrow for Altea In Part 2 of episode 39, Prince Alor attempts to free GoLion from the crippling affects of the Space Wolf comet only to be knocked off course by a Galran attack fleet. Sincline orders a Mechablack Beastman to destroy GoLion but the mystical goddess who once split GoLion into five lions returns to redeem GoLion once more. Enraged... view more on
The Hypergravity Planetoid Trap   11/16/2010   Episode 39: The Hypergravity Planetoid Trap Honerva gains control of Space Wolf, an invulnerable planetoid with the power of a black hole. But before she can crash the comet into Altea, Princess Amue warns the GoLion team of this impending doom. As Altea begins to feel the destructive effects of the comet, Prince Alor shows up to assist the GoLion team and join the battle... view more on
GoLion Hunting   11/16/2010   Episode 38: GoLion Hunting In a brutal maneuver, the Galran Empire launches the Death Commando squad to slaughter the Altean people in the night. The GoLion team finds the horrible aftermath of the mission as the Altean people storm the Castle Gradam demanding protection. Sensing a trap, Raible divides the citizens by neighborhood and the imposters are so... view more on
Space Speed Demon   11/16/2010   Episode 37: Space Speed Demon Emperor Daibazaal is impressed with a hot shot pilot of the Galran Air Force named Reggar whom he recruits to pilot a Beastman against the GoLion team, hoping he may have the skills to outmaneuver the Four-Lion-Head Attack. After the initial attack by Reggar is successful, the GoLion team learns to beat Reggar at his own game by... view more on
Mortal Combat of Light and Shadow   11/16/2010   Episode 36: Mortal Combat of Light and Shadow When Daibazaal demands Sincline take on GoLion himself, Sincline has Honerva create a clone of himself to lead the Beastman into battle. Meanwhile, the GoLion team is affected by the short circuiting power of the Beastman Deadzone as Kogane leads an underwater charge to take out the Beastman before it can reach the castle. Kogan... view more on
Protect the Soccer Field   11/16/2010   Episode 35: Protect the Soccer Field In a show of rebuilding and reunification, the GoLion team helps construct a soccer stadium for the youth of Altea. Meanwhile, Honerva creates a Beastman able to control the massive construction machine the GoLion team is using to build the stadium with! Will they be able to destroy the Beastman without harming any of the childr... view more on
Underground Operation   11/16/2010   Episode 34: Underground Operation Sincline plans to dig below the Castle Gradam, capture Princess Fala, and plant a massive bomb to destroy the castle and the GoLion team in it. The drilling is causing massive earthquakes which alerts Shorty to the danger. He investigates along with the help of a local boy Mario but they are soon captured and strapped to the bo... view more on
Terror of the Space Frogs   11/16/2010   Episode 33: Terror of the Space Frogs Honerva develops a Beastman she hopes is capable of repelling the Four-Head-Lion Attack; it is named Omega Subgar. To distract the GoLion team, a wave of killer space frogs is unleashed on Altea terrorizing the people. The Lions must take on the frogs before facing the Beastman itself. Will the frogs croak or will GoLion choke? view more on
Behold! The 100 Ton Punch   11/16/2010   Episode 32: Behold! The 100 Ton Punch The GoLion team is training harder than ever to unlock the full potential of the GoLion robot, especially Princess Fala who does not want to be the weak link of the team. A remodeled version of the Beastman Lambda, now named Gamma, is sent to attack Altea providing the team with some on-the-job training. Only after King Raible'... view more on
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