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Angry Kid

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  • Released:
    1 January 1999 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    Angry Kid is a teenager from hell a snot-nosed ginger headed reprobate, stuck at that awkward age between childhood and adolescence. These short films are fraught with gross-out comedy, hilarious misunderstanding and a cast of bizarre, if strangely familiar characters. [+]more
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Episode Guide For Angry Kid

Kidnap   10/3/2008   Episode 25: Kidnap Angry Kid finds out what happens when his Dad gets on the wrong side of the law. view more on
Horror   10/3/2008   Episode 24: Horror Angry Kid finds the tables are turned on him whilst watching a horror film with his sister. view more on
Sneeze   10/3/2008   Episode 23: Sneeze Angry Kid tries to find out what happens if you sneeze with your eyes open. view more on
Speed   10/3/2008   Episode 22: Speed Angry Kid and his sister give the police the run around on his trusty chopper. view more on
Wee Wee   10/3/2008   Episode 21: Wee Wee Angry Kid is trying to have a wee, but his sister keeps putting him off. view more on
Hoax Call   10/3/2008   Episode 20: Hoax Call Angry Kid makes a hoax call to directory enquiries, with disastrous consequences. view more on
Backwards Writing   10/3/2008   Episode 19: Backwards Writing An ambulance goes past the car and Angry Kid asks his Dad why Ambulance is written backwards. As his Dad tries to explain Angry Kid's sister shows that she understands completely. view more on
Buzz Off   10/3/2008   Episode 18: Buzz Off Angry Kid is in the bathroom playing with his own special kind of electric toothbrush. view more on
Love Bite   10/3/2008   Episode 17: Love Bite Angry Kid proves that he has a girlfriend. view more on
Superhero   10/3/2008   Episode 16: Superhero Angry Kid is playing at super heroes. He is ëCaptain Buggernuts, the masked bumcake avenger Ö..!í view more on
Chips   10/3/2008   Episode 15: Chips Angry Kid is enjoying a bag of chips but has an unwelcome scrounger. view more on
Hard Face   10/3/2008   Episode 14: Hard Face Angry Kid is brushing his teeth in front of the bathroom mirror pretending to be different characters. view more on
Queen's Speech   10/3/2008   Episode 13: Queen's Speech Christmas is a time for children and their views are important. Not just as the adults of the future but as children NOW. view more on
Swearing   10/3/2008   Episode 12: Swearing Join us on a linguistic journey of eloquence, assonance and ignorance view more on
Captain Thunderpants   10/3/2008   Episode 11: Captain Thunderpants Stew my foot and call me Brenda view more on
Bone   10/3/2008   Episode 10: Bone Oh no, the bone - what's that doing there? view more on
Sex Education   10/3/2008   Episode 9: Sex Education Some things you're never ready to know view more on
Cotton Bud   10/3/2008   Episode 8: Cotton Bud For those hard to reach nasal congestions view more on
Headlights   10/3/2008   Episode 7: Headlights In the dark, no one can hear you gurn view more on
Stinky   10/3/2008   Episode 6: Stinky Some days you just don't smell right view more on
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