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The Tribe   Season 1, Episode 1

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    Episode 1
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    The town is reeling from the virus that killed all adults. Trudy awakes from a nightmare and is comforted by Bray. They both embark on a trip into the city. Amber and Dal help out Cloe, a young lost girl, to seek shelter from the Locos, a domineering tribe. Cloe leads them to her friends Salene, Patsy and Paul. Lex attempts to make a deal with the leader of Locos, Zoot, but his negotiations go south and his friends and him are forced to ran away. He gets rid of Glen, who has been annoying him during the negotiations. He then tries to steal food from Amber and her friends, but they escape when the Locos find them. Amber and the rest of the tribe seek shelter in a seemly-abandoned place, where Lex finds them, but is trapped by Jack, a young boy that was living in the place. [+]more
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