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Take Care of the Young Lady

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  • Release date:
    19 August 2009 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    After her stunning success with Coffee Prince, Yoon Eun Hye returns to TV with Take Care of the Young Lady, also known as My Fair Lady. This time she is spoiled brat Kang Hye Na, one of the hottest celebrities due to her status as the successor to the largest business conglomerate in Korea. All she needs is someone to bring her down from her lofty position, and no one does it better than the lovable Yoon Sang Hyun (Secret Garden, Can't Lose). The star-studded cast includes Jung Il Woo (49 Days) and Moon Chae Won (Shining Inheritance) Kang Hye Na (Yoon Eun Hye) is the woman every man desires to marry, and every woman loves to fear and hate. She treats everyone as an inferior, and gets away with her haughty manner as she is the successor of the Kang San Group. Little do people know, she is also a woman who was once wounded by love, and because of that she has become a cold and arrogant woman. Her fiery temper has caused a lot of butlers under her to get fired. Enter Seo Dong Chan (Yoon Sang Hyun) - a no-nonsense hard worker who ends up under her employ while on the run from some loan sharks. He turns her life completely upside down with his hard work ethic, and isn't afraid to talk her down if she needs it. His childhood friend Yeo Eui Joo (Moon Chae Won) isn't too pleased to see him work for such a haughty boss, and is afraid of losing him to another woman... But one thing shakes up Hye Na and makes her wonder if she can fall in love again: the appearance of Lee Tae Yoon (Jung Il Woo). A hotshot young lawyer with mysterious motives approaches her. It just so happens he looks exactly like Hye Na's former love, and she finds herself enraptured by him. However, the question remains: is he really all he says he is? And what is Dong Chan to do when he finds himself constantly having to protect Hye Na, and falling in love with her in the process? [+]more
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