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Natural Born Dealers

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  • Release date:
    12 September 2011 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    Jerry and Jeremiah Pasternak are a real life Sanford and Son - a loving, bickering, father and son double act, bonded by one great passion: finding cool old stuff that they can sell for a profit - anything from a 1950s jukebox to a designer 60's swivel chairs and depression era gas station signs. They adore nothing more than finding great pieces and getting them for a good deal, but that's where their similarities end. Jerry is old school (no cell phone, allergic to the internet), Jeremiah is new school (tech savvy and impatient). He wants to expand the business, often against his father's will. Part of Jeremiah's plan for growth is bringing on a new assistant. Enter Nadeen Lightbody - a beautiful young woman who's also no stranger to the art of the deal. For years she's been a scrapper, pulling parts out of junked cars and selling them for a profit. Now she wants to expand her horizons and learn the antique business - and it's up to old school Jerry and new school Jeremiah to teach her the trade. Together this unlikely trio scour curiosity shops, storage barns and antique fairs looking for vintage gems and unique Man Cave pieces to resell in their Cape Coral trial store and their huge warehouse/shop in Rockland, Maine. Wherever they go, our trio will meet an amazing array of characters. Some will be motivated sellers looking for quick cash, others will be motivated buyers desperate to land a coveted item they would never have been able to locate themselves. There's a lot of negotiation, a lot of history, pop culture take-away, and a lot of heavy lifting. And through it all Nadeen struggles to prove herself to these two seasoned veterans with mixed results. [+]more
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