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Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu   Season 1, Episode 1

  • Episode Name:
    Way of the Ninja
  • Air date:
  • Summary:
    A solitary wanderer meets Kai, a young sword-maker, and his sister Nia in their small farming village right before a terrifying skeleton army arrives, ransacking their shop. The army takes a map hidden by their father years ago and Nia! The wanderer turns out to be Sensei Wu, an old friend of their father's. He promises to help Kai find his sister, but first Kai must become a ninja and master the art of spinjitzu. Kai begins his training and soon meets Sensei Wu's other ninja's, who realize they've all been recruited for very specific skill sets. Long ago, four weapons of spinjitzu were created by a great warrior. When he passed, his sons were tasked with protecting them. However, the older brother, Lord Garmadon, wanted to use the weapons for his own powerful and evil intents. Sensei Wu was forced to banish his brother to the Underworld and hide the four weapons with dragons as guardians. However, Lord Garmadon has recruited an army of skeletons to find the map that will lead them to the four weapons. Sensei Wu needs Kai, Zane, Cole and Jay to use spinjitzu and the Tornado of Creation to find the weapons first. Only then will the world be safe. [+]more
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