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House of Anubis   Season 1, Episode 15

  • Episode Name:
    House of Risks & House of Thieves
  • Air date:
  • Summary:
    Mick continues to wait around for Mara's answer. The play ends and the teachers realize that Rufus and Joy are in the audience. Nina manages to salvage the clue from Victor's office. Patricia searches frantically for Joy once Victor and the other teachers begin to chase after her. Joy is revealed to be "the chosen one". Mara admits to taking the incriminating pictures of Mick and Ms. Robinson. At the play after-party, Victor realizes the similarities the play had to the secret society. He finds out that Nina and Fabian did the research. Joy disappears yet again, when Patricia goes to meet her and she doesn't show up. Rufus is frustrated by this so he kidnaps Patricia. [+]more
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