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Hell's Kitchen (US)   Season 8, Episode 10

  • Episode Name:
    7 Chefs Compete
  • Air date:
  • Summary:
    Chef Ramsay tests the chefs' teamwork by thrusting them into a challenge requiring them to cook three appetizers in thirty minutes in turns, with only 15 seconds to communicate in-between switching. The winning team is rewarded with a shopping spree at a cooking store, while the losing team is placed on delivery duty. Additionally, one chef suffers a minor burn to their hand during the challenge. That evening, two chefs on the winning team stay up late in the hot tub and get wasted on beer, and they end up feeling the full effects during the next day's service. During the service, one chef gets kicked out and another very much sinks their team. Chef Ramsay decides that there are no winners and has everyone make a nomination, but decides the elimination based on performance during the service. He gives the remaining chefs their black jackets, merging them into one team. [+]more
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