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Fugget About It

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  • Release date:
    7 September 2012 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    "Fugget About It" tells the story of Jimmy Falcone, once a feared capo in the Gambini crime family. Everything changes when his associates insist he whack his good old Uncle Cheech. When Jimmy pleads for Cheech's life to Don Gambini, their meeting ends with Jimmy hurling the crime boss out of a 19-story window. With the mob out to kill him, Jimmy has no choice but to turn to the dark side and become a witness for the Feds. Jimmy and his family are sent into witness protection in cold, snowy Regina, Saskatchewan where it's hard for a quick-tempered goodfella to live as a regular schnook among naïve, kind and friendly Canadians. [+]more
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