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Coast Guard Alaska

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  • Release date:
    9 November 2011 (USA)
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    Coast Guard Alaska throws the viewer into the world of the men and women of the United States Coast Guard stationed in rugged Alaska as they train and work in the harsh environment conducting dangerous Search and Rescue missions (SARs). Ride along with the crew of a Jayhawk helicopter or speed along in a Response Boat as they race to rescue victims from the frigid waters. Through first-person storytelling, you will hear and see these cases as they unfold, told by the heroic men and women involved. This is a rare and in-depth look at a place and group of highly trained humble professionals that few people have been fortunate enough to witness. The first season of this exciting new series features intense, never-before-seen rescue missions that closely follow Guardsmen from the moment they get the distress call to when they gear up and speed out to any given rescue site, often in conditions that would be considered daunting in an effort to save lives. Coast Guard Alaska highlights these missions showcasing new technologies, helicopters, cutters, rescue divers, and medical personnel. The show also profiles of the men and women of the US Coast Guard on a personal level -- looking at their motivation, why they choose to put themselves in precarious positions, and the satisfaction they get in doing their job, as well as the challenges of family life in remote Alaska. We will see these men and women work hard on and off duty. Shedding light on these dynamic and rich characters are interviews with co-workers and family members that juxtapose and balance all of the action and emotional elements in the show -- all of it taking place within the endlessly fascinating backdrop of Alaska's stunning landscape. Episodes will also take viewers deep into the region -- with a central focus on the Coast Guard Air Station located on Kodiak Island. We will witness the beauty, danger, and vital efforts of the Guardsmen come to life through unprecedented access and footage that will be brought to viewers through cameras placed inside and outside helicopters, cutters, and boats as our team flies, dives, and swims to rescue individuals. This is a candid and immersive experience that will allow the viewer an unparalleled look into one of the most dangerous jobs in one of the most extreme locations in America. [+]more
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