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Breaking Amish   Season 2, Episode 12

  • Episode Name:
    The Shunning Truth
  • Air date:
  • Summary:
    The stars of hit series ‘Breaking Amish' reunite in an exclusive two- part interview, ‘Breaking Amish: The Shunning Truth' and confront each other over what happened during their time together in New York City. Join host, Michelle Beadle and the stars of the show, Abe, Rebecca, Kate, Jeremiah and Sabrina, as they speak candidly about their families, drinking, hook ups, sex, and each other. Rebecca faces off against Sabrina and Kate over her dentures, Jeremiah and Sabrina discuss the stories about their relationship, and they all clear the air about the infamous witchcraft confrontation. The cast also address some of the rumours and allegations that have surfaced since the series premiered. Are they really Amish or actors? What is the truth behind Abe and Rebecca's relationship? Find out in this candid and compelling interview. [+]more
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