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Bering Sea Gold   Season 1, Episode 4

  • Episode Name:
    A Viking Funeral
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  • Summary:
    With the season halfway over, and no one even halfway making a profit, tensions are rising on the Bering Sea. On The Wild Ranger, captain Scott Meisterheim has laid down the law with his crew, but his deckhands consistently get under his skin. With a new dive mask that allows for topside communication, Scott plans to make up for lost time, but suction and heating soon fail, leaving him on the frigid sea floor cold and ineffective — with attempts to communicate falling on deaf ears. Meanwhile, the massive Christine Rose is off to a huge lead over the rest of the fleet, but an incident involving a 15-ton excavator swing soon puts them back in harms' way. Over on The Clark, Zeke and Emily are in need of a new hot spot. But Zeke's plan to find the gold is yet another test for rookie Emily — and one that could prove deadly. Ian and Scott on The Sluicey are trying to make up for lost time, having spent much of the early part of the season making repairs to the modified skiff. It's all just another day at work for the Nome gold dredging fleet, as the season starts to really heat up. [+]more
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