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Allo! Allo!   Season 7, Episode 9

  • Episode Name:
    The Ice Cream Truck
  • Air date:
  • Summary:
    Rene is forced to stuff mustard and sausages down his trousers to slide down to the airmen in the sewer, while a soup tank is being fitted to the bottom of Fanny's chair. Unfortunately, Fanny has gone to visit her sister, so Edith has to impersonate her. Alphonse tries to pry open the hinges on the sewer grate but they are too rusty, so he concocts a scheme worthy of Michelle. Rene will use his old ice cream truck to cover up the grate while Alphonse bangs at the hinges with his chisel. Meanwhile, Von Smallhausen makes a copy of the Fallen Madonna, while Flick tries to woo Helga once more. However, she has gone on a training course and is replaced by Private Elsa Bigstern, who takes to a surprised Flick immediately. The ice cream van is rolled in, and Von Klinkerhoffen protests its presence. But the heat gets to all of them and he decides to purchase some ice cream. However, as Yvette pumps it, the winch that is pulling up the grate blows out the pump on the ice cream maker, which starts spurting out vanilla all over the General. [+]more
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