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Watch all your favourite TV shows online for FREE. Streaming full length episodes online along with internet videos, come rate, add, review tv shows.


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  • JamesS is only a FAKE SIT to get you to sign up for Graboid, Flux addicts and 50 or more NAMES it goes by that DONT WORK, it also says you can start your own site selling the service UNDER ANOTHER NEW NAME FOR THE SAME SERVICE !!!!! I tried it a few years ago, not 1 movie ever worked ! NONE ! iT'S A SCHEME TO SELL MEMBERSHIPS TO A SERVICE THAT DOESN'T WORK !!! Click on several show, notice several DIFFERENT NAMES will show up for the service but they will all have THE SAME EXACT BACKGROUND GRAPHICS AND SAME TEXT !!!!
    Ratiing ZERO - it is a FRAUD to sell you a monthly service like Netflix but without any movies or service !!!!
    4 years ago
  • gvjhv
    is ok but it use to be easier to watch shows most links dont work even for popular shows
    5 years ago
  • long strike cs-6
    this website is brilliant even better than brilliant
    6 years ago
  • jessi
    it ok i cant get some tv shows
    6 years ago
  • gossipgirlxoxo
    this sites gone down hill since it changed a few days ago. 9 out of 10 links don't even work now. change it back please!!!
    6 years ago
  • vampire lover
    Plz make it the same as it was few days ago
    6 years ago
    I <3 this SAIT! ES IST SEHR GUT! IF you get Virus.. its you that ar stopid! Nout the Site :D 5/5
    6 years ago
  • THC
    I love this website!!!!!!You can watch so many films and TV shows.
    6 years ago
  • jopa
    got a virus! be careful!! other than that, love the websight =p
    6 years ago
  • pbas
    gpt a virus so be careful
    6 years ago
  • ML
    Love this website!
    6 years ago
  • maria 213
    ok but make it easier to watch the shows
    7 years ago

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