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  • zenkaru
    y has no one rebuilt the site? i dont have the server space but someone out there needs to fill the giant shoes left by
    4 years ago
  • Hum pietcr
    or the shit you gotta do just to watch a movie
    least I'm glad somebody like you the balls to do it
    4 years ago
  • dingo duggar
    the system is bull!!!!!!!one site is doing no harm!!!!!go fight the real problems of the world!!! CORRUPT LAWS!!!!!
    4 years ago
  • Sara
    I'm not Canadian I'm American but I'm geoblocked from the Canadian website and I sent a letter to the sight owners to try to change that I think geoblocking is wrong whoever made was a hero I feel so sorry for all the people who can't watch their favorite shows now that the websites gone
    5 years ago
  • Sara
    Surfthechannel should totally still be up!
    5 years ago
  • fuck the ppl who toook down this website
    ive been watching things on here for years and now they go and fuck everyting up trevor i agree wit u
    5 years ago
  • mm
    this is bulshit i want this site bak fuck the law
    5 years ago
  • iris elsinga has all tv shows and movies as well. kinda like surfthechannel!;)
    5 years ago
  • Liv
    I could care less if it was 'illegal' okay, it was the ONLY site that had movies and shows I liked and could get! now I can't find any. why's it matter, people watched the shows, it's ridiculous how they just closed it. It isn't illegal, people just want to start stuff over nothing. They took a good site away because people weren't buying from there 'redbox' oh boo-hoo. No one has money these days, and no one is going to go 'wait, I will get my card, to type in the computer to watch this show!' okay, do that and your card gets compromised. --happened to me, why I don't use my card online anymore..
    5 years ago
  • Trevor
    Beginning to hate the government ? really? just beginning. TV should be free, they make their money from advertisement just like these so called illegal site do.

    Jailing someone for 4 years is absolutely ludicrous. Let's lock him up with murderers and rapists because he helped us watch free tv. ALL TV SHOULD BE FREE but no they want more money because they are greedy. So now you pay to watch a show, they make advertisement money and your money.... just saying TV should be free Yet we are the criminals for streaming free tv?
    5 years ago
  • Anon
    I'm beginning to hate the government
    5 years ago
  • Dom
    Craig, write CouchTuner on google, the site is called couchtuner.idontremember And they got breaking bad and a lot of other nice series. You can also watch it on mobile that's why this site is fu**ing amazing! ;P
    5 years ago
  • craig
    soooooo, anyone know A site tht does what surfthechannel used to? I wanna watch some breaking bad while Im working out of the country.
    5 years ago
  • derp.
    All I wanted was to watch some Doctor Who.
    5 years ago
  • cheech
    all of your base are belong to us.
    5 years ago
    I Think N.W.A said it best "Fuck the Police!"
    5 years ago
  • karl rove
    surfthechannel was a spyware/maleware/virus infected site.the owner was a criminal and drug dealing loser..he should have got 10 years..he also fucked sheep....sheep fuckers are the worst
    6 years ago
  • Bryan
    Internet pirate committed contempt

    Published on Tuesday 20 November 2012 19:25

    An internet pirate from Gateshead who made hundreds of thousands of pounds from his illegal download website committed contempt of court on the day he was sentenced for fraud, by publishing court documents on the web.

    After Anton Vickerman was jailed for four years at Newcastle Crown Court in August, his blog was updated with comments about the judge, counsel and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact).

    His writings were not the subject of the contempt proceedings but Vickerman provided web links to documents provided to his defence team by the prosecution that had not been aired during the trial. That was in breach of regulations and a contempt of court.

    Fact demanded they were removed from his blog which was quickly done, but Newcastle Crown Court heard that they are still available to read elsewhere on the internet.

    Vickerman, 38, apologised to Judge John Evans, who had previously branded him the "most arrogant" defendant he had ever come across.

    Vickerman said: "I genuinely believed that this was in the public domain, so I apologise for that."

    The judge jailed Vickerman for an extra month for the contempt, saying: "You were aware that there were restrictions upon what you could publish. I am not concerned at all about the contents of the blog, I am only concerned about the link you provided to the various attachments.

    "Although advice was available, you chose not to seek it. There is no doubt had you sought the advice of your counsel and your solicitor, they would have cautioned against doing what you had in mind."

    Vickerman ran the website which made him up to £60,000 a month in advertising. It provided an index of TV shows and films to download and at its peak it was close to the top 500 most popular websites.

    The site cost the film industry tens of millions of pounds, and ultimately huge losses to the Inland Revenue. Vickerman was originally convicted by a jury of two counts of conspiracy to defraud.

    Copyright (c) Press Association Ltd. 2012, All Rights Reserved.

    I thought by placing this on this site would clear-up some folks views on what happend rather sad if you ask me,as this world has gone mad for a link site and the guy was making money promoting companys ..... NUTS
    6 years ago
  • blah
    lilypix - This is NOT "This was a historical repository for film and television shows". It stores nothing, it simply aggregates links from other sites. If it was a repository then it would have done something wrong... it didn't.
    6 years ago
  • DeSilva
    Who is worse???? A Terrorist or the patriot act. "Safety First!" that's when no work gets done. New things can be created when chances are taken unfortunately Free streaming TV and Movie Shows is not the way to go because the Gov says so RIP Ninja ans STC.
    6 years ago
  • bob
    this was a good wed site how can it be bad bc the goverment said so bc they dont get there cut they are the pirates no us or this web site fuck everyone who do not belive that this is "is for the people by the people"usa is going to hell i mean look at it look deap we are all to much pussys now we cant stand up to those people i am hate following the rules bc they dont why shold we the cops fbi cia na goverment they are the mob they control us we are ants work do as we are tould wtf shame on the world people but for so meny people be came weak we are now not a king but a pawn this wed site is good and now its gone and now it time for some one else to step up and make a new one for those who care for freedom land of the free my ASS
    6 years ago
  • Emerald Scales
    STC was not an illegal site. It merely hosted _links_ to video streams elsewhere on the net just like anyone can do. Its only because nobody was making any money from it that the guy was arrested. Go figure.
    6 years ago
  • wow.
    for ever every one who wrote illegal, I'm assumiong that mean you fucking fags correct? Site was awesome, JUST HAVE to block any site that allows people to unstress after a long day of work and watch a show they want, but yet other people can still find child porn and they can't seem to blocked that, amazing.
    6 years ago
  • WTF
    why did it go?! RIP surfthechannel you will be greatly missed as you are the only legend of piracy...
    6 years ago
  • DaSilva
    ugh, I just want to watch Monty Python.
    6 years ago
  • d noob
    The law is the law. Great site though.
    6 years ago
  • dead-crap
    it's for people that
    6 years ago
  • andrew
    o my god
    6 years ago
  • lilypix
    That's unfortunate. This was a historical repository for film and television shows. Where else will television be documented and accessible for future a museum... and for someone like me who requires access to variety of different shows for research?
    6 years ago
  • u would wanna kno
    wtf?????this was the only website that renegade press a very own canadian show and you cant find it anywhere and also an all time drama 1999 providence wtfff? now where can i watch these old ass shows if oh wait no OTHER WEBS LINKS FOR THEM.......... seriously its old shows so let us watch at leasts the oldest you cant find anywhere i googled i checked home libraries nothing.... fudgesicklezs i rate zero for these jerks
    6 years ago
  • ayi
    Wow ilegal !!!
    6 years ago
  • Gatsby
  • stupid noobs no clue
    so many assoles on here its unreal
    6 years ago
  • webcop
    This site is illegal.
    6 years ago
  • me -> some ads, but many great shows
    6 years ago
  • tony336
    What are you lot commenting on ?
    6 years ago
  • Rogue
    You can download but don't use bittorrent. Bittorrent sucks anyway. I hate streaming television show I like to download the whole thing and watch it then
    6 years ago
  • deadpoet
    settles it.... my next vote also goes to the pirate party....

    6 years ago
  • malouz
    fuck the feds
    6 years ago
  • anusbuster
    Nazi's everywhere!
    6 years ago
  • god
    6 years ago
  • dka
    the fuck do i do to see the movie -.-
    6 years ago
  • joel beck
    what do i do!!!
    6 years ago
  • clark
    not sure but it is dddddddddddddoooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    6 years ago
  • Tracy
    Whats this website for????
    6 years ago

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