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TVMuse is one of the largest and most advanced deep index video search engines and entertainment platforms on the Internet.

TVMuse's main purpose is to discover and classify all the video content available on the Internet.

TVMuse also acts as an online electronic programming guide(EPG): it makes it easy to track shows you've watched and want to watch and find the latest community news, reviews and gossip.

To accomplish the goal of the best video search experience and aggregation, we've also compiled a special directory or "Site Guide" that lists all the websites that we are currently indexing. Each website has it's own dedicated page.

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News, press and mentions in the media (selection)

TVMuse press and mentions in the media

(July 2013) Site Update
In the last year, our platform has matured - part through the development of multiple features - part through the ever growing number of content creators that have signed agreements with our company.
We now have dozens of such agreements with companies - both small and large - from multiple continents. We feel that our search technology is thus sufficient to allow you, our users, to discover, purchase, enjoy the content you like.
With this in mind, one part of our system was becoming redundant. This is the user posted links feature, which we have chosen to disable. We thank you for all your contributions and we hope you will continue to edit/add information and metadata as well as discuss your favorites in our fan forums.

(April 2013) TVLinks becomes TVMuse
We're so happy you have been with us for this long. The TVLinks platform has evolved and grown wildy in these past years and this is all your merit and comes from your feedback: we now have dozens of features and have expanded to a general search engine. More nice features are on their way.
It feels right to have a better, shorter, funnier, proper, sticky name. And we chose the name TVMuse.
Keep tuned for more upgrades, including our own video content. And we hope to see you often!

(May 2012) TVLinks implements new filters; launches features
TVLinks has implemented several new filters and restrictions for User Generated Content. Multiple sites have been banned from our search index. We feel these filters are a necessary step to discourage users' unauthorzied use of our platform. We've also launched the first version of our automated search technology for TV Shows.

(April 2012) TVLinks and Hulu Partnership
TVLinks estimates it wil drive between 1000 and 2000 new paying customers each month for Hulu, a leading destination for online video. TVLinks also drives several million visits to Hulu each month.

(March 2012) TVLinks in Yahoo Finance
TVLinks makes million in revenue for content creators and rights holders. Amazon and iTunes set to make over 1 million sales in 2012 on the TVLinks platform. We launch our Free Promotion for Indie Movies.

(March 2012) TVLinks and Amazon Instant Video Partnership
TVLinks is happy to annouce that, in partnership with Amazon, it has integrated the entire Amazon VOD catalog in its infrastructure. TVLinks will offer deep access to Amazon's catalog with near real-time updates. No missing links, ever.

(Jan 2012) TVLinks and Rogers Canada Partnership
TVLinks is happy to name Rogers Canada, one of Canada's largest communications companies, as a new content partner.

(December 2011) TVLinks in Reuters
European company TVLinks serves 55 million visits each month, being one of the largest video search engines on the Internet. We are happy to launch a comprehensive TV Schedule guide.

(December 2011) TVLinks and Knowlera Partnership
TVLinks has partnered with independent content creator Knowlera. Knowlera Media captures the skill and knowledge of the world's top experts and delivers it to inquisitive audiences everywhere. Knowlera publishes over 12,000 professional videos in dozens of disciplines.

(November 2011) TVLinks in Business Insider
TVLinks is compared to Instagram, which recently sold for $1 Billion to Facebook.

(August 2011) TVLinks and Metacafe Partnership
TVLinks has partnered with Metacafe to bring together TVLinks' vast audience and Metacafe's great licensed content.

(May 2011) e-G8 Forum 2011
TVLinks invited by the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy to the eG8 Summit, along the main G8 event in Paris.

(June 2010) TVLinks in Finanznachrichten
TVLinks is mentioned in Germany, in one of the leading newspapers.

(June 2010) TVLinks in TechCrunch
Steve O'Hear from TechCrunch asks the question:"What's this, a European startup thinking global?"

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