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Adrian Constantin Adrian Constantin, Publisher

Adrian is an engineer with a big passion for the Movie Industry. He discovered his passion at uni, continously watching movies at the cinema and always craving for more. He's in charge of the news team and it is his role to make sure that the editors are happy. And the users. And the clients.

Ana Banu Ana Banu, Editor

Ana Banu likes all good comedy, some web series and plenty of TV shows. She has a BA in Film and Theater Studies, but thinks that education comes in many forms. She's based in Bucharest, but has also lived in the US, where she studied, worked and played for three years. Nowadays, she's a freelancer in writing - favouring topics like film, art, technology - and videography.

Andrew Taylor Andrew Taylor, Editor

Andrew Tailor - or on his Romanian name - Andrei Croitoru - is a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism in Bucharest in 2010. After the great graduation event, he's done a tour of Europe and settled as a reporter in Bucharest.
He now enjoys writing movie reviews for TVMuse and harbors a secret passion for fishing on weekends.

Cosmin Matei Cosmin Matei, Tech Guru

Without Cosmin's dilligent and always careful work, all the bits and pieces that are wrought by the wonderful news team would fade into the ether. Or get lost somewhere inside the fiber optic, between other 1's and 0's. Cosmin is our tech guru.

Georgeta Gheorghe Georgeta Gheorghe, Editor

Georgeta loves movies and writing breaking news; that's why writing film news and reviews for TvMuse is truly a work of passion. She is currently writing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, usually from one of the cozy caf├ęs dotting the historic canals. If you want to make her day, it's pretty easy actually, just pour your thoughts in the comment section below each of her articles; she reads and appreciates all of them!

Miruna Vasilescu Miruna Vasilescu, Editor

Miruna has a BA in Screenwriting & Film Criticism which she applied writing for many film magazines and working for film festivals around the country. She started her working career as a screenplay developer for a film production company. Eventually she migrated to press, working as creative director and editor for an urban guide. As of late, she is a freelancer working as a videographer and VJ, based in Bucharest but her love for cinema is still alive so she occasionally shares her affection for movies here, on TVMuse.

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