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If you're looking for some post-Oscar drama, you might find what you're looking for in The movie just won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay which is not to say that is the best film you'll see all year, but it will be a decently spent two hours for a heart that needs some drama to help it digest the issues of the subconscious.

"This film has already been hailed as a masterpiece and I think it is, though of a more conventional kind than Lonergan’s previous movie, Margaret. Manchester By the Sea sees him assume the self-aware weightiness of an Arthur Miller or a Eugene O’Neill, but blends this with some wonderfully played comic scenes, and even uses some trad jazz over a scene transition that is rather like Woody Allen. And as in Seinfeld, there is no hugging or learning. After a fire-related disaster, Lee still manages almost to burn the house down by falling asleep with a pan on the stove. It is a brilliant moment of abject horror." (The Guardian)

Check out the trailer below:

"Manchester by the Sea is about a loss so unmentionable it cannot and will not be mentioned, because the whole structure of the film, Kenneth Lonergan’s third as a writer-director, demands that we wait to discover what it is. It begins, though, with a smaller tragedy – the heart attack of a Massachusetts dad in the prime of his life.

This man is Joe, whom we meet only in flashbacks, played by the reliably excellent Kyle Chandler, who coincidentally shares his surname. The main character is his brother, Lee, who rushes to the hospital too late to say his goodbyes.

What’s clear is that the two brothers said a goodbye many years before, and haven’t stayed in touch a lot, because Lee has twisted himself away from every attachment he ever used to have. Minor characters call him “The Lee Chandler?”, incredulous to find him back in town, after the thing, the unmentionable thing, which looked to have driven him away forever." (Telegraph)

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