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John Travolta is GOTTI, watch first trailer


New Travolta in town. Lionsgate Premiere has released the Gotti first trailer starring John Travolta (Pulp Fiction, American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson). Directed by Kevin Connelly, the film spans three decades and follows the rise and fall of crime boss John Gotti as he tried to build the Gambino Crime Family both during and between his stints in prison. “This life of ours is a wonderful life — if you can get away with it.” So says Travolta as infamous crime boss.

The story is recounted by his son John Jr. (Spencer Lofranco), the R-rated crime thriller examines Gotti’s life as he and his wife (Kelly Preston) attempt to hold the family together amid tragedy and multiple prison sentences. The trailer is, of course, peppered with gunfire and bodies — including that of Paul Castellano, the Gambino boss whose unsanctioned assassination Gotti orchestrated, resulting in his rise to the top. But “John’s gettin’ too much press. That can’t go unchecked.” Plus there are tapes, trials and myriad other distractions for the alternately smiling and scowling Family man.

Connolly directs Gotti from a script by Leo Rossi and Lem Dobbs. Lionsgate Premiere will open the film day-and-date in theaters and on demand on December 15. It also stars Spencer Lofranco, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Stacy Keach, Chris Mulkey, William DeMeo, and Kelly Preston.


"For a movie that once had Nick Cassavetes (John Q, Alpha Dog) and Barry Levinson (Sleepers, Good Morning Vietnam) lined up to direct and people like Ben Foster, James Franco, Joe Pesci and Lindsay Lohan attached, this sure seems like it’s experienced a long fall on its way to the big screen. Finally landing at Lionsgate Premiere – Lionsgate’s specialty film division responsible for releasing lower-budget films theatrically and through video on demand platforms – doesn’t exactly bode well for this one, either. And that’s not even taking into account what we see in the trailer itself, which plays like a greatest hits of every modern gangster story ever made. The real-life Gotti – a larger-than-life-personality who earned minor celebrity status due to his flashy clothes and outspoken appearances on TV – may have influenced some of those films, but when a director decides to tell a story like this, they have to take those later works into account. It’s the John Carter syndrome: that original story inspired many other sci-fi movies, but because its film adaptation didn’t come out until years after those had already established many of the genre’s tropes, it was seen by some as a sad rip-off. To avoid that, it helps if a director brings something new to the table and not just put money in the jukebox to play the hits once again." (Slashfilm)

Check out the trailer above and new poster below.


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