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In the mood for teenage cringe & fun? Check out BIG MOUTH!


When you're body is swarming with hormones and you don't know what to do about it, maybe it's time to watch Big Mouth and remember how it was like back in the days of teen years. Certainly, one can appreciate the calm and balance of life after 25. As we've grown accustomed with by now, Netflix knows how to choose the best topics and filmmakers for its ever growing portfolio.

Co-creators Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin, Big Mouth tells the story of two high school boys, who happen to be friends, Andrew (played by SNL's John Mulaney) and Nick (Kroll). The two are so close they can talk about anything, but but not about all the hormone driven thoughts and sexual developments. The new series focuses not just on the confusing agony of each adolescent issue, but on how these two will remain friends through such trying times.

"This animated comedy about the most challenging year in any adolescent’s life – you immediately knew I meant seventh grade, didn’t you? – focuses with absolutely no filter on the confusing, unforgiving hormonal shifts that make young boys visibly aroused at inopportune moments and force girls to bleed, lust, and burst into tears, whether members of either gender are ready for it or not.

This show is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, but more blunt and with a lot more cartoon dick pics. (Netflix is honestly one show away from creating its own dick-pic subgenre.) It’s the outdated sex-education film Am I Normal?, except it actually understands what real kids go through and doesn’t hesitate to show us those things in all their disgusting and humiliating detail. It’s ten episodes of television that could only be made in this format because, as is noted in meta-fashion in the last installment, if it weren’t animated, it would skate way too close to being child pornography. Big Mouth could never be shown in public schools and its content may be too mature for a lot of 12-year-olds. But I also feel strongly that it performs an important public service." (Vulture)

""Everything is embarrassing": It’s no longer just a mantra liberals repeat to themselves while watching the latest news about the White House. That unrelenting sense of discomfort and shame fuels Big Mouth, Netflix's adult cartoon about that early phase of puberty when it feels like time only exists so that each new minute can present its own opportunity to make you feel bad, confused or both. Sweet, progressive and breathtakingly filthy, the latest collaboration between comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney recalls the emotionally grounded squirminess of the boys of Freaks and Geeks and the sex-positive yet debasement-obsessed endocrinological chaos of, well, nothing I've ever seen." (The Hollywood Reporter)



"Yet perhaps the most brilliant move of the entire series is creating a standalone character to represent Andrew’s raging hormones. Simply called the Hormone Monster (and sometimes Maury), the yellow-skinned creature with a penis-shaped nose (look closely) springs to life whenever a lustful thought crosses Andrew’s mind, which is quite often. It could be when he slow dances with a girl at a school function or when the cat clock in his bedroom catches just the right light; the Hormone Monster (voiced by Kroll) will be there, and he’s ready to take over Andrew’s life whether he likes it or not. [...] As the episodes progress and Andrew becomes more accustomed to his desires, his willpower slowly lessons and even the Hormone Monster starts to question some of his decisions. It’s an ideal exemplification of puberty overwhelming adolescence; the transition to an angsty teen from a wide-eyed child; and, of course — because of the show’s adamant and oh-so-necessary adherence to equality — that also means there’s a Hormone Monstress." (IndieWire)

"The show’s 10 episodes are overall very silly, and often ridiculous just for the sake of it. Maury in particular is a walking, talking id who takes gleeful advantage of Netflix’s lack of censors; there’s no other show I can think of that would cast the role one of its young protagonists’ closest confidants as the horny ghost of Duke Ellington living in his attic. At one point, there’s a bizarre sidebar about Jay, the resident hothead of Andrew and Jessi’s school who’s voiced appropriately by comedy’s resident hothead Jason Mantzoukas, accidentally impregnating a pillow." (Vox)

Check out the trailer below.

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