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Hello, DARK ness


“Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive. They are connected in a never-ending circle.”

There's darkness and mystery coming to Netflix next month. The German series Dark has just received its official trailer, which you can watch below.

Wrestling with themes of time, family, grief, guilt, and the metaphysical, the movie centers around the disappearance of a young boy in a small town where strange, potentially paranormal things are happening around the community. In ten, hour-long episodes, the story takes on a supernatural twist that ties back to the same town in 1986.The trailer really has everything: sensory deprivation chambers, spooky exterior shots of children lost in the woods, existential questions about the nature of time, flickering fluorescent lights, looming power plants, mysterious floating particles, a detective who will stop at nothing to find the truth, a family member who only speaks in vague and cryptic phrases, car crashes, guns, and ominous fades to black.

“The story is about four families that are being sent on a frantic hunt after two children disappear. I am part of one family, of course,” the star Louis Hofmann explains. “My character Jonas is very introverted and has recently lost his father that has, in a mysterious way, killed himself. Mikkel disappears, the little child. That’s where it all starts. Jonas is then trying to reveal a big family secret.” (via Deadline)

The series, which made its debut at TIFF back in September, comes from co-creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar (Who Am I – No System is Safe), the pair behind the 2014 hacker mystery “Who Am I – No System is Safe.”

Co-creator Odar—who directed all 10 episodes—spoke to the meaning of having Netflix take on the series, signaling a new global platform for German filmmaking. “I think Netflix is a game changer here right now because they basically create all this interesting global material that everyone wants to watch—Narcos, for example, which basically isn’t an American show, but it feels almost like an American show, and everyone watched it,” he explains. “It’s a game changer—the audience is really hungry for international stories, as well.”

“It’s really exciting because if all those people who watched Stranger Things will at least think about watching Dark, I think that’s a great opportunity for us,” Friese added. “So keep comparing it.” (via Deadline)

Dark premieres December 1 on Netflix.

Check out the clip below.

"Even when “Dark” is clinical in its set-up of these interweaving story threads, there’s still an incredible amount of energy coursing through the show. bo Odar’s camera glides through living rooms and dollies toward mortified faces, rarely pausing as it thrusts new characters and information into the fray. There’s frustrated romantic tension dripping from so many of these sequences, whether it’s an encounter between a man and his mistress or Jonas and a lost, unrequited love. Even an elderly woman sitting at a table and glancing nervously at a grandfather clock carries with her a certain amount of dread-filled forward motion." (Indiewire)

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