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Have you heard about Amazon's THE TICK?


Amazon is planning to unveil its big, blue superhero come summer. The streaming service announced that The Tick, starring Peter Serafinowicz as the eponymous character, will debut August 25. Watch the teaser below.

In assessing the pilot when Amazon unveiled it last year, The A.V. Club wrote “this new Tick is an example of what happens when the superhero origin story goes wrong or, more accurately, goes realistic.” The series, shepherded by Tick creator Ben Edlund, hones in on The Tick’s sidekick Arthur, played here by Griffin Newman.


"Of the three pilots we’re evaluating this round, “The Tick” is probably the one that came in with the most expectations attached to it, given how it was preceded by two relatively beloved on-screen interpretations. Both the Fox animated series, which ran from 1994-1996, and the 2001 live-action version starring Patrick Warburton were relatively short-lived, but attracted cult followings and made a lasting impact. That said, it’s a different era — one much more engaged with superhero culture — and this new interpretation of “The Tick,” starring Peter Serafinowicz as the muscular blue avenger, benefits enormously from that. Rather than go the live-action cartoon route, director Wally Pfister and creator Ben Edlund (who first created "The Tick" in 1986) craft a heightened yet familiar universe, letting the always hapless Arthur (a perfectly cast Griffin Newman) draw us deeper into a reality where it makes perfect sense that good faces off against evil while wearing tights — but a reality where it also makes sense for Whoopi Goldberg (as herself) to host a talk show called “Whoop.”" (Indiewire)

"Amazon’s The Tick, starring Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead) is a darker reboot of the cult classic comedy television series from 2001, though there are still plenty of laughs in store. The original starred Patrick Warburton as the big blue superhero, The Tick, an indestructible humanoid with no memory of his previous life who protects the city of The City. In the Amazon series, The Tick comes to the aid of soon-to-be hero Arthur (played by Griffin Newman), who later dons a moth-like costume." (Inverse)

Check out the short clip below.

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