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Dreaming of WONDER WOMAN


A new Wonder Woman trailer hit the web recently and we're excited to share it with you. DC's next movie looks enticing and full of dangers.

While the previous trailers showcased the power of Wonder Woman with some spectacular action, this one slowed things down a bit to show us more of the origin story that’s at the center of the superhero’s first solo movie from director Patty Jenkins. Among others, we meet Diana Prince (later on played by Gal Gadot) at 8 years old as she’s admiring a sword that lies in an elaborate housing unit. This is the sword known as the Godkiller, given to the Amazons by Zeus himself so that they might one day defeat Ares, the god of war, should he ever create trouble on Earth again. Young Diana remarks, “It’s beautiful,” and immediately asks, “Who will wield it?”

Watching Connie Nielsen's Hippolyta then tell the young Diana that she isn't the fiercest of the Amazons is a strange moment, taken out of context. However, there's definitely a reading of the scene that bypasses the idea that Hippolyta is telling her daughter that she's not good enough, says The Hollywood Reporter.


"For the majority of her comic book history, Wonder Woman was Pinocchio as superhero — a woman who started off as a literal clay figure given life by the gods, and blessed with special gifts that gave her superhuman abilities. (The "birthright" hinted at in the Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel, as mentioned earlier.)

Since 2011, however, her origins have been re-written to reveal that she is actual the biological daughter of Hippolyta and the deity Zeus, with her powers and gifts instead being due to genetic heritage. It's not clear from the trailer just which version of the character's backstory the movie will follow — the Zeus retcon was relatively unpopular among long-term fans — but a line like "she must never know the truth about what she is" certainly suggests that one of those two origins will be revealed as a secret at some point during the movie. In the first trailer, Diana tells Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), "I had no father. I was brought to life by Zeus." But that's kept intentionally vague. After all, as this new trailer reveals, Diana doesn't quite know the truth about her own origins." (The Hollywood Reporter)

The movie will be here on June 2, so we're probably going to see at least one more trailer before the film hits theaters.

Check out the newest clip below:

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