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Film Line-Up Highlights for Comic-Con


Comic-Con is preparing for the San Diego fest, beginning on the 23rd of July. Over 120,000 geeks, cosplayers and fanatics are ready to invade the "Mecca" of comics, outfits and first looks at the most expected upcoming titles.

Expect the big studios to show off a bit, presenting footage from their genre-oriented titles that are still shooting, bringing some famous names on the stage and fixing a couple of special surprises for fans.

The Hollywood Reporter already made a list with the most interesting things you can watch if you travel to San Diego in the following weeks. Some of them are officially announced to participate in Comic Con, some are just rumours but even the prospect of having them on screen sooner is news enough. You can imagine how hard it has to be to select the right footage from a movie that is still in production, that will amaze everybody and raise expectations or at least make sure not to ruin them. So, of course the big studios find themselves hesitating 'till they get very close to the event.

So for now, the Wednesday July 23 preview night has Into the Storm screening starting at 10pm at Gaslamp Theatre. The film is directed by Steven Quale and it's a thriller coming from New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures. The screening will be hosted by Warner Bros.

DreamWorks Animation will feature screenings of Penguins of Madagascar and Home. Be aware that Benedict Cumberbatch is expected to attend the Penguins screening.

Sony has Jack Black over, talking about Columbia Pictures' incoming Goosebumps together with the feature's director, Rob Letterman. A video announcement featuring Chris Columbus, the director of the upcoming Pixels , a game-oriented film project starring Adam Sandler. The prohect will also have its own arcade center at Comic-Con and one badge-holder from the fest can win the chance to get a walk-on part in the film.

Phillip Noyce's director and author of the book Lois Lowry, joined by the stars of The Giver - among which Jeff Bridges - will introduce The Weinstein brothers' adaptation that was in developement for the last 20 years.

Paramount is not sure about its presentation yet, but with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hitting the cinemas, everybody's hungry for any kind of details on Interstellar or Terminator: Genesis.

The panel discussion Batman 75: Legends of the Dark Night will see creatives Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Grant Morrison, Denny O'Neil, Scott Snyder (the writer of the current series) and artist Greg Capullo, as well as DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns meet and talk.

WWE Studios and Lionsgate have Leprechaun:Origins and See No Evil 2 coming out in the near future. The directors of the two projects as well as stars of the WWE Studios will attend the presentations.

Actor Daniel Radcliffe, author Joe Hill and director Alexander Aja will talk about the adaptation of their dark fantasy - Horns.

Fox has a serious crop to handle the incoming year. They are bringing The Maze Runner, The Book of Life, Let's Be Cops, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Hitman: Agent 47 to their public, with heavy names among which Channing Tatum, Guillermo del Toro, Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson announced to attend.

Warner Bros. brings us one step closer to their upcoming The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies with director Peter Jackson invited to talk about the latest and final installment of The Hobbit franchise. Mad Max: Fury Road and Jupiter Ascending are also part of the show, with director George Miller there to show first footage from Mad Max, which is starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy. The big mystery is related to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice as the studios didn't say a word about it, but they are expected to pull a big rabbit out of their magic hat. At least introducing the public to some of the cast - maybe Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck, or even director Zack Snyder to give us all a little something.

Universal didn't plan their setup yet but director Guillermo Del Toro will be at the Comic Con anyway, for The Strain, his FX show. So, there's a big chance he will officiate a Crimson Peak presentation.

Boxtrolls will have the directors and part of the cast (Ben Kingsley and Elle Faning among them) and also part of the artists in the crew talking about the project.

Fox' Endgame: The Calling is also expected to be in the con with Google master-minds present to discuss the augmented-reality game based on Endgame.

The list could go on and on. This is just to get you started, as the final arrangements are still being made for the San Diego upcoming Comic-Con. Fans, get ready to have a blast!

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