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ATOMIC BLONDER with Charlize Theron, final trailer


Focus Features has released the final Atomic Blonde trailer, which you can watch below.

Directed by John Wick co-director David Leitch—whose next project is Deadpool 2—the film stars Charlize Theron (Mad Max:Fury Road, Monster) as Lorraine Broughton, a lethal MI6 assassin who is sent to Berlin to deliver a dossier, only to become caught up in a web of espionage and intrigue that’s as complex as it is deadly. She has to track down a list another was smuggling to the West in order to prevent her and her colleagues becoming endangered by the release of crucial information.

The film looks bloody, brutal, and an overall treat as Theron messes up everyone who gets in her way. This new trailer gives a look not only at the fights, but also the car stunts that Leitch is pulling off, and it all looks terrific. While hopefully the story and characters are up to snuff, I have no doubt that the action scenes are going to be mind-blowing and the Theron can handle whatever the movie throws at her. (via Collider)

Official synopsis reads:

Oscar winner Charlize Theron explodes into summer in Atomic Blonde, a breakneck action-thriller that follows MI6’s most lethal assassin through a ticking time bomb of a city simmering with revolution and double-crossing hives of traitors.

"Anyone disappointed that David Leitch let fellow John Wick director Chad Stahelski helm the sequel by himself will be pleased to know that Leitch’s first solo gig is cut from that same tough, stylish, merciless cloth. That means we’re getting double the number of action movies that are all about hard-hitting stunts and lengthy shots that let you actually appreciate those hard-hitting stunts. Leitch, a former stunt performer, and stunt coordinator, knows how to stage astonishing action and he’s wise enough to know that we want to see it all clearly." (Slashfilm)

The film is based on the Oni Press graphic novel series The Coldest City, by Antony Johnston & illustrator Sam Hart, adapted by Kurt Johnstad (300). Atomic Blonde also stars Sofia Boutella, James McAvoy, John Goodman, Eddie Marsan, and Toby Jones. The film opens in theaters on July 28th.

Check out the final Atomic Blonde trailer below.

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