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A glimpse into the new season of GAME OF THRONES


If we've learned to expect anything from Game of Thrones is subtle and intriguing teasers that say a lot and not enough at the same time. With season seven on the way, the first teaser was dropped by HBO on Friday and we think it looks amazing.

Titled “Long Walk,” the 90-second video features Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) taking a long walk to take a seat at the Iron Throne. The promo ends with Cersei taking a deep breath on the throne, and then flashes to the Night King at the end of the video. Winter is definitely here.

"There's a sense of players on a chess board (or, perhaps, a Cyvasse board) moving into position; an implication that the next season may revolve around the fates of these three "players"." (Telegraph)

The editing is as rhythmic and voluptuous as you'd expect from such an epic production. With James' Sit Down playing in the background, Jon Snow walks through a candle-lit castle, his feet pounding with every step, as he makes his way to his throne. Meanwhile, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) do the same.

Said James lead singer and lyricist Tim Booth in a statement, “Having read the books, and watched the series twice, I was very excited when Game Of Thrones asked to use ‘Sit Down’ for their preview. I think the last two songs used were ‘Heroes’ and ‘Wicked Game’ — so we are in great company.” As Booth noted, while James thought the Thrones team might opt for a cover of the track, they decided to go with the original recording instead. “Now if only they would invite us to perform at Daenery’s coronation …” Booth added. (EW)

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres July 16.

Check out the teaser below:

"In the end, Game of Thrones's frustrations come not merely in equal measure to its moments of transcendence, but tied to them. I, along with millions, sat through episodes that felt like scene-setting and arcs that felt as though they'd gone on too long (and a few legitimately did). But the scenes that were set, laboriously and at times inartfully, were among TV's most wildly ambitious.

Does Game of Thrones have anything to say about the nature of power? Early in the season, I'd have said only a conditional yes—that any meaningful argument was far outside of the weeds in which we were mired. After an assertive and confident conclusion to a show that's always moved with dispatch but hasn't always moved quite so decisively forward, I'm eager to see where the show brings us. I'd argue, though, against extrapolating any meaningful arguments about contemporary politics from this season: Though it ended with great strength, it stopped short of what seems likelier than ever to be a boldly made conclusion, one about which we can now theorize for all the Thrones-less Sunday nights until next spring." (Time)

"It bears repeating that while Season 6 marks our first real year “off book,” we still don’t have much real insight into which, if any of these climactic events were guided by George R.R. Martin's ultimate endgame, which itself could prove more important than we realize. I happened upon an earlier scene from the Season 3 finale this weekend, fraught with tension between Tyrion and Tywin debating the intersection of power, family and responsibility, exactly the kind of philosophical rhetoric that felt absent from Season 6’s bigger moments. We’ll never really know what characters like the High Sparrow or Margaery felt in their final moments, and lessons learned from a wasted lifetime of political maneuvering, So many years of story value simply washed away for an encroaching endgame. In a way, Daenerys even said it herself, that for all the implication of parting ways with Daario, she felt little more than relief and anticipation for what comes next. The art of discussion feels somewhat lost in these latter seasons, in a way that often leaves the spectacle of wildfire explosions and a dragon-backed fleet somewhat hollow. Now that Season 6 has so thoroughly cleared the board at least, maybe we can concentrate on restoring that function with the characters we’re closest." (Screencrush)

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