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How does TVMuse work.

TVMuse is the European platform for video content. We're a European company oriented towards European customers. The site is divided in 5 large application areas:

  1. The TV Show Guide. We structure every popular tv show, with every season and with every episode. We present over 2.000 individual tv show titles with 100.000+ episodes.
  2. The Movie listings. This catalogue contains information, trailers, clips, comments and news for over 30.000 movies. Expanding daily.
  3. A Site Guide collection that lists, ranks and evaluates over 2000 movie related websites. Taking precedence are movie websites that have a video component.
  4. A social networking component. Any user can make an account, connect with friends, add favorite movies and create watchlists.
  5. The search engine. TVMuse uses a combination of a customized version of the Google Search Engine with it's own proprietary algorithms.

Our search technology

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We are using a customized version of the Google Custom Search as our search provider for several categories, including the Movies results. We will be deploying this search with our extended category lists. Soon to be added: Lifestyle, Travel & Living, Health & Medicine and specials like Web shows.

We have developed proprietary protocols and procedures that extract, organize and prioritize search results for fixed named entries. Each named entry represents movie name or a tv show name with episodes.

Although we still use social interaction and user input in some search results, this has become limited and restricted to categories such as tv-shows and anime.

Extraction is based on automatically crawling more thousands of websites (hulu, fancast, mtv) and storing relevant information such as titles, keywords and other metadata.

The next step involves named entry recognition. Our algorithm works to understand that a certain website URI (website page) talks about a certain movie and selects the order under which results are displayed. This order is chosen dinamically by analyzing the domain name (how popular it is on the web, how popular it is within our own website and other secret ingredients or metrics).

The blend of our own algorithms coupled with the Google Search Technology that we have sub-licensed provides for the best search results for video content on the internet.

How we do it better? Well, if you're looking for a specific show, like "South Park", and you want to find all the video clips and sites with South Park content. If you do that on Google, you get a very broad web search of all South Park content, or you might only see YouTube clips. With TVMuse, you only search video sites for South Park content, which is attractive.

Rapid prototyping and development is our key feature so be sure to check back often as we progress and expand to include broader categories and improved content.

How does TVMuse work?

About us

TVMuse is a European startup. We have rented facilities in several European countries.

We are young, enthusiastic and we love what we do.

For more information, a tshirt or just to talk with us, please use the Contact page.

Content owners and advertisers, please list your interest when using the Contact page. Also, please visit our Content Owners category. We have multiple opportunities for content owners that wish to engage with their audiences.

To get in touch with our legal department, currently residing in Bucharest, Romania, please refer to the DMCA section or our Terms and Conditions.

Our legal compliance and business consultancy is handled by Legal500/Chambers recognized practices. We are highly litigious when protecting our business rights. Our internal audits and other business and legal consultancy are handled by Big Four Auditors.

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