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9/11 Truth - Hollywood Speaks Out

9/11 Truth - Hollywood Speaks Out poster
  • Release date:
    9 June 2011 (USA)
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  • Summary:
    The Hollywood community speaks out for 9/11 Truth. Steve Bates and Wake Up Productions present an excellent and compelling film, compiled from news clips and interviews with celebrities from across the spectrum. This film should be viewed as a whole body of work, as it is NOT about the life, career or credibility of any one particular Hollywood Celebrity. Celebrities do have the right to freedom of speech and are free to verbally express their own opinion. If I wanted respectability, I would have made a boring film about the dozen or so academically accredited scientists who have actually tested the World Trade Center dust and found unexploded military grade nano-thermite. This film is about Hollywood’s GUT FEELING that something is just not right, and the dozens of unanswered questions they have. [+]more
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