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Corporate Social Responsibility

"And the kings' youngest boy grew in one year as others' in seven" - Traditional Romanian Folklore

In just several years, TVMuse has grown from being a small hobby to a multi-national company with a global presence, servicing tens of millions of people in all countries of the world.

Our mantra has been efficiency: we constantly lower costs and improve our procedures and platform. And we have transferred much of this efficiency to our customers. We don't charge and we will never charge for the use of our content discovery platform and search engine.

While not measured in traditional accounting, the net economic benefit to society from the TVMuse platform is probably 100x times the revenue that TVMuse generates. This positive externality is TVMuse's most important contribution as a global citizen.

Nevertheless, we at TVMuse believe that it is our duty to be a model corporate citizen. To give back as much as possible. We don't have rights, we have responsibilities.

As the company has grown and continues to grow, we seek to allocate significant resources to a variety of NGO's (non-governmental organizations) and their projects.

If you have interesting projects in the fields of Internet Governance, Free Speech, Privacy, Consumer Rights, Civil Liberties, Films and Culture, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Finally, a brief graphic of our past contribution, which we aim to significantly increase:

TVMuse Corporate Social Responsibility
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